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Journalist Anna Merlan joins BoA to talk about her fascinating book Republic of Lies: American Conspiracy Theorists and Their Surprising Rise to Power.
  • by TimBinnall
  • in Paranormal
  • 02:00
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Author and screenwriter Mark O'Connell discusses his outstanding biography of pioneering UFO researcher and underappreciated astronomer J. Allen Hynek, titled The Close Encounters Man.

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Author and researcher Walter Bosley joins us to discuss the 'secret space program' concept that seems to be all the rage in ufology nowadays and is attracting its fair share of oddballs and scoundrels.

Author of The Greys Were Framed and creator of the 'UFO Trail,' Jack Brewer, joins us to talk about the 'bad guys' of UFO research including your 'favorite' miscreants, con artists, liars, and fools.

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Author, humorist, and BoA's official drinking buddy, Jason Offutt joins us for a romp across America in search of monsters.

Prolific Fortean author Nick Redfern returns to BoA:Audio for what will, no doubt, be a wide-ranging conversation likely covering Roswell, UFOs & ufology, Bigfoot & cryptozoology, as well as high strangeness like Men In Black and... more

The icon of cryptozoology and a bonafide paranormal legend, Loren Coleman, returns to BoA:Audio to discuss the world of Bigfoot research, his incredible International Cryptozoology Museum and their forthcoming Labor Day... more