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Bill Walton sits down with experts and interesting people to discuss how to achieve economic prosperity and human flourishing.

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Famed economist Milton Friedman called America's highway system a ?socialist enterprise? and he was right. America's roads are in desperate need of repair and the federal government is clearly incapable of maintaining them... more

How would you react if the government put facial recognition cameras everywhere and kept tabs on your every move - right down to to how many squares of toilet paper you are using? It's happening in China, as the communist... more

Most people talk with Arthur Laffer about supply-side economics and his famous ?Laffer Curve,? which shows how governments can increase revenues by lowering taxes. But few know that Laffer is an outstanding investor. He recently... more

Did you know when you text someone that you've landed at the airport, you're using far more advanced technology than your plane's air traffic controller? It's a shameful fact that some of the methods they rely on today have not changed... more

America's K-12 education system and institutions were designed in a different era for a different society, and we are at grave risk today from this obsolete system, which fails to prepare all children to succeed as adults. In fact, the system we... more

Just this year, the Chinese Communist Party held an election in the Great Hall of the People where Xi Jinping was voted ?President for Life.? The vote was 2,958 for and six against. With this vote they proclaimed that China is now realizing... more

Every day, we're confronted by headlines that reveal the ever-widening chasm between left and right in America. What's driving this hyper- polarization? And are there any solutions? Thanks to a stimulating conversation with National Affairs... more

My guest this week, Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley, the free market economist and moral philosopher, wants to sit down with Bernie Sanders over a cup of coffee to talk about how to achieve the goals he proclaims. There's a right way and a... more

?You're looking at a country which is the most radical actor on the global stage since the French Revolution.? China is plowing forward with an agenda of economic aggression, empirical ambitions, and a complete disregard for... more