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Bigfoot Tonight Show

Bigfoot Tonight Show


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Join Chuck & Stacy for great guests as we examine Bigfoot in America !

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William Jevning, author of "Notes from the field" concering the Government cover-uo of Bigfoot evidence. I first found footprints of three Sasquatch's at the age of 14 near Graham, Washington, I saw two of these creatures from... more

When I was just a small boy, my mother and father would tell us kids a story which they had truly experienced when they were a young couple just starting out in life. They were married in the year 1932. Shortly there after, they went with... more

The behind the scenes look at what happened at the Honobia Bigfoot Festival ! With our man on the scene Troy Hudson.. A behind the scenes look at all the crazy things comference organizers put up with to put a Top shelf Bigfoot... more

Billy Simmons is a former law enforcement officer of seventeen years in north east Texas. He had his first experience with bigfoot in late 1989. During that time he found his first hard evidence that bigfoot exists. Ten years later he... more

Welcome Canadian Sasquatch Tracker Trailriderresearch Multiple species of Neanderthal like Relic Hominids have survived from the stone age on 3 continents. Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, Yowie, Almas and Leshi. They can all be... more

Karl A. Breheim has spent many years living in and exploring the vast wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. A researcher of history, indigenous peoples, and mineral wealth, Karl and others found themselves being visited by the very reclusive... more

Leigh Culver is from the Enigma Research Group in Georgia. We are a team of researchers from diverse backgrounds with a keen interest in the sasquatch phenomenon. We have all been associated with, or members of, other... more

Mark Peterson native of Minnesota is a horseman, wildlife behaviorist and wildlife tracker. He is not just a good animal locator but a true expert with near psychic abilites in the bush. He and his Kentucky Mountain Horse, Dusty are one hell of... more

Veteran Bigfoot Investigatior and Honobia Bigfoot Conference Host Troy Hudson will be our guest on the show tonight. Calling in from out in the field from SE. Oklahoma while on an investigation of Bigfoot activity in the area. Covering the... more

Bigfoot Research in Louisana