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Suddenly, the Arab world, and especially Egypt, have erupted in turmoil. Meanwhile the East Coast of the US has been hit "by the worst storm in 30 years," volcanoes around the world are going nuts -- FOLKS, THE WORLD AS... more

Ancient records from all over the world tell us of a time when the sun and moon stood still, and one of those places is the Book of Joshua. For a long time now, science has poo poo'ed this idea, saying it is absolutely impossible. Yet, there is... more

The Bible tells us in many places that God's people should be living in harmony with one another. Unfortunately, we are once more treated to a lurid spectacle of more splits in the Church of God. Let's see what the Bible has to say about the... more

We continue where we left off last time in this exciting and informative study.

We continue where we left off last time in this exciting and insightful series.

We continue where we left off last time in this exciting series, showing us ever increasing signs of the end as we approach it.

I hope to end the sub series on the Rebellion today, and resume this study on the Place of Safety and what is going to lead up to it shortly. But first we are going to tie in what was going on in the physical world with what was happening in the... more

After a few interesting news articles, we're going to continue where we left off 2 weeks ago pinpointing when the "rebellion" actually occurred, and you will be shocked to find out when that started to happen. What you see in the world... more

Before the study proper, I have some stunning news information to read to you of a very urgent nature, after which I will discuss the "rebellion" we talked about last time that Paul refers to in 2 Thess. in light of what we discovered last... more

We are going to pick this up where we left off before the Feast, first finishing our discussion of the Place of Safety and the Bride of Christ, and then moving on into a thorough discussion of what Paul meant by the Man of Sin and other signs... more