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The BHITB Podcast

The BHITB Podcast


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Join me every week as we discuss various topics important to the black community, such as our identity, social justice, and the Bible.

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In this episode we're gonna get into the three sons of Noah, the table of nations, and several false teachings meant to hide the truth about both.

In Part 2 we get into Noah's flood, fallen angels, nephilim, and the agenda of the Eurocentric Christian church to cover up the truth. We'll also touch on Rob Skiba's false doctrine of Nephilim genes making it on board of Noah's ark.

Some of this study was inspired by Donald Glover's "This Is America" video, in which he touches on a lot of valid criticisms in the black community and black entertainment in general. However, the story is much deeper than what we see... more

At one point the black church was the biggest influence in the black community, but that has given place to music, movies, and other false religions to creep in. Black pastors seem scared to touch the truth in order to keep the churches... more

Today we'll get into more examples that mirror today's Black Hebrew Israelite camp behavior and doctrine. We'll look at how Paul, Baranabas, and other disciples handled them. And if there's time left, we'll get into the two... more

In Part 1 I laid the foundation as to which laws led to our ancestors being placed under a curse. In this episode I'll talk about prophecies concerning the New Covenant that was to come under Christ.

In Acts 15 there were people preaching that believers in Christ need to keep the law, and the debate was answered by a council of disciples, apostles, and the Holy Spirit. We'll take it to scripture and see exactly what it says about law... more

Psalms 83 tells us that there would be a multi nation conspirace to kidnap Israel and make them forget who they are. Even though this prophecy exists, it is largely left out of Eurocentric Christian doctrine. We'll be discussing which nations... more

The first show had mixed responses, so I'm going to get a little bit deeper into the false doctrine about Esau. What many of the camps are teaching will send many unsuspecting believers straight to hell.

TEOTW Ministries joins me to talk about the Edomites and the Synagogue of Satan. We've been sharing research behind the scenes and we're reaching many of the same conclusions. Make sure you don't miss this episode if you... more