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Get Serious America, Let's Not Lose the Farm

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Is there anything at all serious for politicians?

Is there anything at all serious for media?

Is there anything at all serious for our SCOTUS?

Politicians throws good money after bad.

Politicians pass laws based on the highest bidder.

24/7 Media regurgitating pablum that never had any meat in the beginning.

Character assassination is dished up daily by politicians, media, courts, and ate up by haters or the unknowingly ignorant.

Events get importance from politicians, media, and courts based on the class, fame, skin color of persons involved andthe news cycle on a given day

Many daily and ongoing ssues have matters of a serious nature that should be addressed but more times than not the politician, the media and the courts make decisions on what they view as the outcome before any facts are known. It is not out of the ordinary for facts to be twisted into lies to suit the agenda.

All of the above is quickly sinking America and her people into garbage holes. The solution is all America must be not just talkers of what is wrong today. We all must identify wrongs of most importance to us. Talk about those wrongs every chance we get, but always to not fail to offer solutions every opportunity we have.

We must decide what is most serious for America today. The dollar, a heart attack, our innocent children. Get serious America or we will lose the farm. The Iraq and Afgahnistan wars, stock market crash, housing foreclosures, auto industry, and government layoffs have already brought US to our knees. We must now call out politicians, media,and the courts. These three groups are destroying US for the almighty dollar which is of course, our hard earned dollars. Without our dollars these empires will collaspe and so will our great society. America is a human chain. What you do to the least of US...