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Let's look at life through the lens of our ancestors. Our instincts were shaped by their struggles in an environment much different than our current environment. Our instincts haven't changed much but our environment has changed dramatically. We blend the science of evolutionary psychology with the clinical experience of Doug Lisle, PhD to explore common problems and stumbling points in our pursuit of happiness. New episodes come out Wednesdays at 8:30 PST. If you have a question or comment, or maybe even a complicated situation that you'd like some advice on, feel free to call us and leave a voicemail at (714) 900-2601 or send in a question through www.BeatYourGenes.org

On-Demand Episodes

In this reply of episode 195, Dr. Lisle & Dr. Howk discuss: On today's show, Dr. Lisle and Dr. Howk will answer the following questions: 1. Imagine a 20-year-old male. Every day, he plays video games, eats Twinkies, drinks Mountain Dew,... more

1.My husband and I are in our late 20s, no children, married less than 3 years. 6 months after our wedding, I became whole food plant based and an ethical vegan. I was already pretty healthy prior, but still lost 10 pounds and reversed... more

In today's replay of Episode 192 we have the following questions: 1. What are Dr. Lisle's thoughts on group therapy? What is the purpose if there is one and how would he apply evolutionary principles and esteem dynamics to group... more

In today's new episode, Dr. Lisle discusses the following questions: 1) I was deeply fascinated by the Drs' take on narcissism and finally realized my mother is a narcissist. Many of my "friends" are also narcissists or suffer... more

In this replay of Episode 191, Dr. Howk and Dr. Lisle answer the following questions: 1. What is impostor syndrome? Can you change the perception of feeling like a fraud? 2. A dad's son climbs on a roof to look at his neighbor's... more

In this new episode, Dr. Lisle and Dr. Howk answer these q's: 1. Voicemail question: Are there some situations where you avoid using the down arrow technique like when the worst case scenario is actually going to happen or... more

In this replay of episode 188, Dr. Lisle and Dr. Howk, discuss the following questions: 1. My niece and I have been debating whether it's safe for attractive young solo female travelers to couch surf. She believes that a careful reading... more

1. I have been a proponent of wholesome eating as the guarantee of good health and optimal weight. The approach has worked great for me, but I am still curious to know if eating high caloric density foods – but within strict daily... more

1. If it is true that we can't change people, why would evolution waste energy engineer feelings in us that make us feel incline to try to change others? If we can't change others, why do people come to believe they can or enter... more

1. I am a 40-something male on the online/swipey app dating scene. I have had rotten luck and I am interested in whether turning off ?read receipts? on WhatsApp is putting women off. I like the freedom that turning off ?read... more