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Beatitudes Radio


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Progressive Christianity in today's world. A mix of thought provoking interviews, insightful questions and the deeper meaning behind sacred texts.

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Merry Christmas to you from Beatitudes Church! Like most Christians, you've probably seen countless Christmas pageants. This is just one of many Christmas traditions we hold dear. Who can forget the little four-year-old sheep that... more

Rest. For you. For the earth. Shabbat reminds us of our rightful place to the rest of God's creation. Shabbat chastises us for forgetting that the land does not belong to us. We belong to each other. Therein lies our HOPE. Join us today as... more

Is it possible to have no enemies? Jesus taught us to ?love your enemies,? but maybe it's time to recast that appeal with a new and more relevant translation for today? What if instead we were to ?have no enemies?? As evolutionary biology... more

Ever felt left out or found yourself relegated to the ?third wheel?? Quite often the ?odd one out? finds themself being leveraged to help the other two succeed. Throughout the ages within Christianity, you can identify three entities that... more

Hope is not something that is static. It is adaptable and always shifting. Similarly, the gospel narratives regarding hope are fluid and don't always match. Nevertheless, it is through this messiness and discrepancy that the full reflection... more

All of us have experienced a time of hardship and struggle, a time in which our spirits are low and brittle. The global pandemic of 2020 has equalized the playing field for all of us and left most of our spirits brittle. But at the same time, it has... more

Ever find yourself in an awkward situation? A moment when your actions didn't align with your heart? When the pressure is on to perform or behave in a prescribed way, it's not always easy to remain true to self and take the road less... more

Our nation is divided. Divided by racism, by ideology and by party lines. Our recent election cycle has proven such. Although, you may think we've got the market cornered on division and polarization, the story of Joseph as told in... more

**THIS SERMON WAS RECORDED ON OCTOBER 6TH** Do not be anxious about anything. Anything. But wait! Isn't it Election Sunday? And isn't our nation just days from a major election? Sure, you've carefully reflected on the five... more

We all want to ?fit in? and feel accepted. Think back to your early school yard experiences. No one wanted to be the last kid picked for foursquare or dodgeball. Although we may have blamed others for making us feel as though we didn't... more