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Progressive Christianity in today's world. A mix of thought provoking interviews, insightful questions and the deeper meaning behind sacred texts.

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Join us this week as Pastor Tony Minear, Ph.D. begins his new sermon series, "Accuse me?!? Jesus bore the brunt of abundant and caustic accusations: He socializes with the immoral...Check! He strays from tradition healing on the... more

Will your God survive the 21st century? As humanity's understanding of evolutionary theory and science continues to grow and evolve, what impact will it have on your concept of the divine? Will it remain the same or will it also... more

How is it that a benevolent God allowed 98% of all species throughout all history to become extinct? When you look at the natural world, you can find all kinds of pain and suffering. From caterpillars becoming fodder for wasp larvae,... more

Speculations as to the origins and ancestry of humanity have divided and generated angst in cultures for centuries, and perhaps none greater than Charles Darwin's theory of evolution in 1859. Though revolutionary, Darwin's theory of... more

Why do you believe in God? For decades, humanity has struggled with the question. Life's complexities often leave us seeking answers and feeling alone. Until Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection, science could... more

What impact does the theory of evolution have on our Christian beliefs? Can the science of evolution truly coexist with the Biblical narrative and who has the authority? Too often we separate the two and are asked to choose one over the... more

Almost 162 years after the publication of Charles Darwin's ?The Origin of Species,? humanity and especially Christianity continues to wrestle with its provocative and often divisive theory of evolution. Why the longevity of its... more

A few days ago, we celebrated Earth Day. The one day a year we have named to honor Mother Earth and reflect upon the creation story. Like the Earth, we all have an origin story. What creation story do you believe and how does the Earth... more

What are the roles of faith, hope and love for you in 2021? Perhaps it's hard to discern given the disruption of the pandemic to all our lives this past year. For most of us, the pandemic broke through our individual spheres of comfort and... more

Uncertainty. If this past year of living with COVID-19 has been about nothing else, it's been about uncertainty. An uncertainty about the future that quickly led to fear. The kind of paralyzing fear that drove us into our pandemic-safe houses and... more