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"Alea Iacta Est"- THE DIE IS CAST!

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A lot of folks say we are at the end of an era. That we have run the nation, the world, the earth, into the dirt and into the last chapter of our current, modern history. There is talk of our own nation freezing up financially, of banks and Wall Street ruining us, of our nation degenerating into a civil war. Desperation, War, Chaos.

We have alwasy been on the edge of- something-, since the beginning of history

But that does not mean we should not be working to insure we are watching what is going on around us and trying to stay engaged with safeguarding the rights and freedoms of America.

There has been a huge push to overide our rights of privacy in this country with the NSA accessing everything we do electronically now. And almost everything we do today has an electronic componenet to it.

Our law enforcement agencies across the nation have become increasingly militarized and violence againt citizens is now commonplace.

Our senators and congressmen are all racking up criminal charges and unethical behaviour violations. They have become career politicians with no real understanding of what the lives of regular citizens are like and they live under special laws they have enacted or exempt themselves from the laws everyone else must live under. They vote for special medical care for themselves and their families while soldiers die on waiting lists at goverment hospitals and the rest of us are forced by law to become part of a government run socialized medical program. Though they are paid for their service, they vote them selves pensions so that once they have served a term, they can have a pension for life.

Who else can get away with such behavior? Not you or I. They have become so disc onnected from what it means to live in the real world, that they can no longer make good decisions about what is right and wrong.

I do not have the answers, I hope some of you do and you will share them tonight