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Audio Drama Production Podcast

Audio Drama Production Podcast


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A podcast covering all aspects of writing, recording and creating audio drama.

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Start your audio drama with a bang? Some intrigue? A dilemma? A talking mouse? This week, Sarah talks with the effevescent Heavenly Deception writer and creator, Steve Schneider about hooking your audience in the first crucial... more

How on earth do you start to design your sound effects from scratch? What do you need to create some horrific horror sounds fight scenes or exploding bits for audio? How do you plan and prepare foley from a script alone? How easy is it... more

Radio Drama Revival's David Rheinstrom invites you to check out the Bombs Always Beep sound design competition. Winners will get some great prizes, including Kc Wayland's book, Bombs Always Beep, an excellent resource on... more

Hello! So excited to share this insightful interview with you - Mac Rogers, writer of The Message, Life After and Steal the Stars - all supreme audio dramas released into the wild with exceptional quality, storytelling and production values... more

Crafting an Anthology Series with Jonathan Mitchell Anthology audio drama shows with quality stories every time are few and far between, and yet somehow The Truth Fiction Podcast shines like a beacon of twisted awesomeness each... more

135 - Editing and Directing with Eli Mcilveen If you need some top tips on directing VA's in a recording studio and directing remote actors, and how to organise your editing processes, this episode will be wonderfully useful! Eli... more

134 - Mischa Stanton and Home Studio Tech Setups Hello! The wonderfully talented Mischa Stanton of The Bright Sessions, Ars Paradoxica, and The Far Meridian shares some top tips on organising your home studio tech recording... more

The inspirational John Dryden of Panoply talks us through making innovative audio creations and pitching to a Network, and Directing Audio Drama, giving gems of advice on being part of a Network that values our favourite audio... more

Creating Satirical Characters with Peter Oldring and Dexter Guff Need more funny in your life? Like satire? LEver wondered what Thought Leaders do? What they're like? Why they're like what they're like? Peter Oldring has created Dexter Guff,... more

Here is some wonderful advice ON HOME AUDIO TECH KIT from Steve Blizin, Tanja Milojevic, Kevin Hartnell, Regan Adler and Boyd Barrett. We also have a good catchup with Write Now and Girl in Space's Wonderwoman, Sarah Rhea... more