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Atlas Avenue Beat

Atlas Avenue Beat


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Follow the adventures of P.I. James Locke as he interrogates criminals, solves cases, and fights crime in this comedy detective noir.

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After being fired from multiple jobs, thanks to the annoying James Locke, Barry has finally landed on his feet. He has a new job, a new girlfriend, and he is loving life! But when Barry meets up with his girlfriend and her son, he gets some... more

This action-packed episode finds Edith and Joey witnessing a drug deal. The most dangerous man in the world, Paul Reiser-Soze, makes an appearance and after a deadly altercation involving Catnip, Edith goes into Predator-mode! No one... more

Edith is out searching for Catnip. His trail leads her all the way to the docks. There, she runs into Joey and Joey's bestest friend ever Devon Duke. Devon gives a lengthy explanation of who he is, until a couple of thugs appear. That's... more

Edith takes the day to go shopping for a new axe and healthier catfood. After running into Joey (an embarrassing love interest) she heads home to find Catnip gone! Wherever could her kitty be? It's time to act like Mister J and put those... more

Many people have said Atlas Avenue Beat sounds very familiar... and there's a reason why. Writer and producer Robert M. Lamb explains the conception of Atlas Avenue Beat and what's to come with the series.

Locke heads to the O'Reilly's mansion, thinking he's solved the case. But when he finds that Terrence has left to complete the merger, Locke gives chase. When confronting Terrence, Locke learns that maybe, just maybe... things aren't what... more

Arthur believes he has his man, but Locke thinks otherwise. After Arthur leaves, Locke spies on the O'Reilly's trying to find some clue... something to fill in the gaps. Sadly, he finds nothing. But days later, after Natalie visits for a food-filled... more

Locke rushes to the hospital to see Paul. It appears he is out of commision for the time being, so now it is up to Locke and Arthur to spy on the Greenbaulms. When Arthur spots the stolen vase he thinks he has things quickly solved, but... more

Terrence believes he knows the culprit behind his father's death. Locke feels he can't do any more good with the case so he gives it back to Paul and Arthur. When Terrence leaves Locke goes out for a walk and bumps into Angela.... more

Carter has confronted Locke. It looks like this may be the end for our beloved private investigator. That is, until Edith appears... axe in hand. Locke, Edith, and even Paul, kill Carter and destroy his body before the cops arrive. Then Locke... more