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Join Master Intuitive Life Coach & Spiritual Healer, Tammy Adams, as she guides you to your spiritual awakening! The time is now to discover who you truly are and what the universe is truly about. Every day we hear about all sorts of things happening in this world, but have you ever wondered what role you play in it? It’s time to learn the true meaning of your life and get unprecedented insight into the spiritual realm. There’s so much more to this life than meets the eye and Tammy Adams is the Master Intuitive Life Coach that your consciousness ordered. She’s here to guide you through it all. Learn the truth about spirit guides, Angels, vortexes, extra-terrestrials, spirits, meditation, healing, God, Universe, Creator, astrological events, numerology and more! Tammy gives you a view of the spiritual realm that only a skilled and powerful shaman such herself can. So, join Tammy for her podcast, “Karma Talk,” and learn the ins and outs of what makes this universe tick.

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Do you have your soulmate in your life? What is a soulmate? Can we still have our soulmate even after all the disappointments I have had? Can LOVE be in my life? Find out today many things you do not know about love, soulmates,... more

Why do we keep these friends who do not care about us or that are selfish and only want us to help them but yet they do not help back? Why do we put up with these hurt emotions that come from these people that we keep around and why... more

Can we heal from the people who have been so toxic in our childhood? Who did you have that was toxic in your past? What is a toxic relationship? Can we forgive those who have hurt us? Today the show is filled with great knowledge for so... more

Many people have been in these toxic relationships without even knowing it let me help you today to know what are the signs and what you need to do in order to get out if you are in a toxic relationship. Why do we choose to be in these... more

This week I am teaching you how to hear your own angels! Are you ready this is going to be so exciting! I have been teaching people this around the world for years now I am sharing this with all of you for the first time live on radio.... more

Today we are talking about our ANGELS. Who are they? Can you get in touch with your own angel? Who is he/she and how did we get our angel? This show will be helping you get a more clear understanding of your guardian... more

Do you have a loved one or someone you know who has crossed over and you feel as though they are trying to talk to you? Well, today is the day you may just get those answers that is what this show is about talking with those who have... more

We hold onto fear which stops us from having new love. We hold on to the past and do not forgive the people who may have hurt us. Today, receive some guidance from your Angel and learn how to heal, forgive, and open your heart... more

Let us get you where you need to be and start off with your right step forward instead of going back into the past. Let me help you heal for your past so that you can open new doors and get started in a new beginning today. What are your... more

(Repeat) This week is all about stepping up to get rid of the karmic blockages and begin healing. Healing is such a gift. No matter who we are, no matter what we have done, we can be forgiven completely. Healing is about to happen... more