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Ascending Way

Ascending Way


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As we enter the Time of Wondrous Changes; we reclaim our heritage as Magi. This Show is part of a Mission of Empowerment which is the core of Ascension House. Join with us in becoming, transforming and manifesting.

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Indigos are recreating the world! We see their handiwork all around us and live in a new reality which they are projecting around us constantly. Our friend and colleague Lisa Bellini of The Crystal Healing Foundation will make a return to... more

We are delighted to be able to share a brief moment in time with Isaac Bonewits. Isaac is one of North America’s leading experts on ancient and modern Druidism, Witchcraft, magic and the occult, and the rapidly growing Earth Religions... more

We are very fortunate to have a return visit from our friend and colleague; Anastasia Toom. Anastasia is a Spiritual Counselor and Healer working in NYC in Flushing Queens. She specializes in Shamanic, Angelic, and Energy Healing... more

Following up on the Star Chamber Session of this Sunday and the Ascending Way program of Jan. 29, our distinguished guests; Charles Gilchrist and Janice Crow Hawk will return and expand their discussion of Intimacy and Sacred... more

In creating a Spiritual life we can find no higher expression of Spirit than the joining with our Soulmate. The merger of twin flames requires a level of intention and integrity beyond any other human activity. Join the Ascending Way's... more

Paul Levy said, "When we begin to awaken to the dreamlike nature of reality, we realize we are all characters in each other’s dream. Like reflections in a mirror, we are all interconnected aspects of each other’s being. To recognize the... more

Andrieh Vitimus, a practicing Magician in many systems will visit "the Ascending Way" to share his knowledge of the Sacred Science in the discipline of Chaos Magic. His Studies emphasize experimentation and finding out what works for... more

The Ascending Way is pleased and honored to present Dona Ho Lightsey. Dona is a Divine Mother Channel, Celestial Shaman, Angelic Soundhealer, Ordained Priestess, Channel for the Ascended Masters, IET Master & Instructor, Serenity... more

The Ascending Way's friend and supporter Charles Gilchrist will join us for a very special program investigating the links between intimacy, sexuality and living a spiritual life. As we evolve in consciousness we begin to experience ever deeper... more

In this latest opening of the Star Chamber our focus will be on the Reality that we only know through our Dreams. Our panel will include Paul Levy of Awaken In the Dream and Ron Adams Dream Master and Psychic. We will explore the nature... more
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