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  • Truest Voice

    in Books

    Tune in, listen to, chat with—Host Sharen Watson interviews inspirational authors who write non-fiction in every genre in both traditional and indie publishing routes. Also speakers, editors, agents, publicists, book cover desgners, copywriters, formatters, and more! 
    Hear how they got started as well as useful advice to aspiring authors. A talk show for readers, featuring writers and industry professionals, highlighting new author releases, information on events, trends and topical discussions.

  • The Speculative Fiction Cantina with Adam Dreece and Kevin Coolidge

    in Books

    The Speculative Fiction Cantina: your weekly hypodermic injection of science fiction, fantasy, horror, alternate history, steampunk, cyberpunk, and things weird and wonderful in the world of books and writers. We ask authors the hard questions. You'll hear from writers who bend the rules and drive the narrative.  Join S. Evan Townsend on this journey over the rainbow and through the looking glass. And remember to take the red pill.
    Today's Guests are Adam Dreece and Kevin Coolidge
    Adam Dreece
    Beauties of the Beast (The Yellow Hoods #4)
    The Wizard Killer: Season One
    The Man of Cloud 9
    Kevin Coolidge
    Operation Ragnarok
    The Totally Ninja Raccoons Meet the Thunderbird
    The Totally Ninja Raccoons and the Secret of the Canyon
    More information on these authors and links to their novels is at blog.sevantownsend.com.

  • Baron's Crypt - #137 Show

    in Film

    137th Show, with your host Baron Craze. The full reporting of horror films, latest news - some of the strangest story lines in the Horror Genre!
    Also discussing Horror History. The Horror Icon (#78 of Week is Clive Barker!) Mentioning where to access Free Horror; The Fan Favorite Spirit of the Week. Collectors of Horror/ Halloween Sites. Shout Outs - Did you make the list? 
    HOT TOPIC: Outcries over Halloween and banning rides, enjoyment and laughs
    Call in to discuss horror films!
    Took caller's challenge from show #132 to watch Friday the 13th (1980) alone to get jolted Still Waiting for the caller... maybe this show...
    Remembrance of the Horror Stars who past away
    Updates on Film Reviews on Rogue Cinema
    Featuring Music from Harley Poe, Midnight Syndicate, Pellek, Blitzkid, Darkmood, other tricks and treats!!!

  • Removing The Bandages/Overcoming Obstacles

    in Performing Arts

     We will have 18 year old Karmin Mosely CEO of Ms Jr's Bulliez Dance Company in the studio live with us. She is a product of bullying and chose to make a stand by working with other young people to help them to walk in their purpose and learn to love themselves.
    Bullying was a result of her having to do home. She will be talking about her 2nd Production that she wrote and produced herself with a full cast coming in October as well as her bullying experience. 

  • Social Media for Authors expert Fauzia Burke LIVE on Authors on the Air

    in Books

    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes social media expert Fauzia Burke.  
    If You Want People to Read Your Book,  Writing It Is Only the Beginning There has truly never been a better time to be an author. For the first time, authors have direct access to the public via the Internet—and can create a community eagerly awaiting their book. But where do new authors start? How do they sort through the dizzying range of online options? Where should they spend their time online and what should they be doing? Enter Fauzia Burke, a digital book marketing pioneer and friend of overwhelmed writers everywhere. She takes authors step-by-step through the process of identifying their unique personal brand, defining their audience, clarifying their aspirations and goals, and setting priorities. She offers advice on designing a successful website, building a mailing list of superfans, blogging, creating an engagement strategy for social media, and more. By following Burke's expert advice, authors can conquer the Internet and still get their next manuscript in on time.
    This is a trademarked copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.

  • Daytime after dark welcomes back rebecca staab to the show

    in Art

    Dont miss the Amazing and Talent Rebecca Stab to the show for the 3rd time it will be amzzing show please call in and we wil be talking about her new projects and other stuff as well

  • Conversation with Sapphire JBlue chats with Eliza David

    in Writing

    Savage (The Savage Series Book 1) -Laney Townes of the Cougarette series is back with her own adventures in business and pleasure! When CeeCee Banks announces her plans to leave her post at Chronicles to pursue her motivational speaking career full-time, Laney is counting on her best friend to hand over the reins of the non-profit to her – finally fulfilling her lifelong CEO dream. That is, until CeeCee’s new hire, Alex Esteban, shows up. 
    Alex, the fiftysomething president of his own corporate management consulting firm, locks horns with the resistant Laney as he attempts a reorganization of Chronicles. Between managing the seesaw of her friends with benefits relationship with law professor Jess and co-parenting her daughter Izzy with her ex-wife Roxy, the last thing Laney needs is Alex taking her chance at the top seat out from under her.  When Chronicles’ dismal annual report is released, the two Alphas set aside their differences to work together to keep the organization afloat. Laney and Alex slowly begin to find common ground and get along well. Too well…  In this sexy first installment of the Laney series, we find out if our favorite lady-loving BFF is ready to give up her legendary gold-star lesbian status for a chance at love with Alex – a man just as savage in the boardroom (and bedroom) as she is.

  • The new Frankenstein

    in Film

    Have you seen the 'new' Frankenstein, 2015, from the monster's point of view? Well, get ready if you haven't! Mary Shelley's fascinating story was  apparently created after she apparently suffered many losses, and the new version contrasts with the old.
    Also, Miss x finally found the title of the old film seen years ago.. it's "Island of Terror" starring Peter Cushing and weird creatures that leave people with no bones!

  • 00:12

    Riley Banks-Snyder, Author of Riley Unlikely

    in Books

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Riley Banks-Snyder, Author of Riley Unlikely.
    At the age of 13, Riley Banks-Snyder traveled to Kenya where she sat in a classroom full of first and second graders sharing a single pencil. The presents Riley was so excited to give the kids paled in importance to the school supplies that were easily accessible back home in Branson, MO. Riley realized these kids didn’t need matchbox cars or jump ropes. They needed pencils and paper.
    As soon as her plane touched down in America, Riley knew she wanted to go back. At the age of 14, Riley started a non-profit, Generation Next, to help collect school supplies for Kenyan schools and returned the following year with 200 backpacks filled with donated supplies.
    “I had no idea that God was going to use what happened at that school, with those kids, to begin weaving Africa into the fabric of my story,” says Riley. “God put a love for Kenyan children in my heart and gave me an impulse to want to help them.”
    In Riley Unlikely: With Simple Child-Like Faith, Amazing Things Can Happen, Riley brings readers on her journeys to Kenya and the unexpected hardships and disappointments that showed Riley how to truly trust in God. From the first smells when her plane touches down to God planting the idea of opening a school in Kibwezi, Kenya, Riley shows the immense impact one life can have and encourages readers to find their own passions. Not everyone will be called to Kenya to build schools and community centers, but everyone can do something to make a profound difference.

  • Get Fit Feel Fabulous with Britt: 'Fight Dirty, Live Clean' with Sharon Mayers

    in Books

    Ready to live your best life ever? Britt is here to help! On Saturday, October 1, she welcomes the fabulous and inspirational Sharon Mayers, who just released her book Fight Dirty Live Clean: A Diva's Cancer Survival Journey, which tells the story of how she decided to fight and not die.
    Sharon Mayers is a diva and proud of it. She is always happy to tell you the special way she defines the word and to encourage women to use it in that way too. She is the mother of four, a cancer survivor and a small-business developer. 
    For her work accomplishments within her Central Florida community, she was awarded the Making Moves Award in 2011 by Give N' Take Network and nominated as a Woman of Excellence by her peers in 2012.
    Sharon beat the odds and survived several forms of cancer. She currently spends are her time helping people through their cancer journey. She is also working on expanding her presence on social media by re-developing her WebTV show My Big Red Couch where she featured people from across the country with inspirational stories. She is also continuing her work with The Lipstick Project – an initiative aimed at helping women reclaim their inner diva.
    Visit her website at FightDirtyLiveClean.com for more information. 
    During the live show, call in with your questions at (347) 945-7246.

  • The Business of Art with Host Sharon Drinkard Hawkshawe

    in Art

    Listen in as Sharon gives tips and advise on how artist can grow their art business.

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