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I think it's important to be clear and honest. This is verbal blogging. I am going to talk to a listening audience about how I feel about subjects and issues that affect people in general by tieing them in with how they reflect my life. That simple. The purpose of this is to "Inform", "Express", and "Persuade" a general audience to think and listen about various topics that affect us all. I could care less about showing off. I could care less about putting on a front. I am going to give it to you as I see it in a way that makes damn good sense to people in general. My purpose and goal is to help encourage, enlighten and support people who are struggling with life's issues through simply saying what's on my mind on things.

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Black relationships today are filled with false myths. These myths have been destroying the establishment and stability of black relationships. I will take a serious stance on one of these myths: Lack of good black men. My guest on... more

This episode will have a discussion revealing thoughts and feelings about deciding to dating someone who already has kids. Alot of people today are currently single and are raising kids at the same time. Alot of men and women in... more

This episode will accomplish three things. 1. Show people that three different perspectives on interracial dating can sit down and have a intelligent, mature, and professional conversation about a serious topic in American society. 2. Show... more

On this episode, I will give out the findings of my master's thesis research on black women's dating preferences. I interviewed black women at my college, asking them about their dating preferences. I talked to every class... more

Majority of black males feel that hip hop music is their favorite type of music. With hip hop centered on money, violence, and above all SEX, does it cause a rift in men's minds about views on sex? What happens to black men who tell women... more

Why does black men and black women continue to highly distrust each other? Why do black women consider the majority of us dogs? Why do black men feel that black women wont allow them to be men? I will take on this battle with a... more

There is nothing more important in life than learning and knowing your family history. Being able to find out who was who within your family tree. Being able to find out how your family handled certain important moments in American... more

The 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Findings have been published by the CDC. Findings show that blacks are more likely to be involved in multiple things deemed negative in American Society, but the trends also show the black youth are... more
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