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Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast

Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast


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Welcome to Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast! This is the tropical fish keeper's podcast! Every and anything aquarium and tropical fish will be discussed here. Come and get your freshwater and saltwater fix. Monster predatory fish are Aqua Alex's specialty but you'll soon come to find out that Aqua Alex has a wide spread knowledge of many different species in the aquarium hobby.Aqua Alex has been keeping fish since he was 12 years old. Now he gets to share his passion, and love of tropical fish with the whole world! Thanks for choosing Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast! Enjoy the Aquarium Hobby and listen to all of our episodes!

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Your host of Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast, Aqua Alex Cardinale turns 25 years old today!! Aqua Alex is a quarter of a century now! I invite you to come celebrate my 25th birthday with me here on Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast! I am having an... more

Every tropical fish keeper is going to have a fish or 2 that they need to rehome! Various reasons exist why fish need to be rehomed. They can grow too big for their aquarium, they can be too aggressive for the other fish in the aquarium, or... more

This week's fish of the week is a fish that has a lot of personality, gorgeous coloration, interesting behavior, and grows to a decent size. This week's fish of the week is a large growing schooling fish that has a place in many aquarium... more

This week's fish of the week is my 2nd saltwater fish that I am going to be discussing with all of you. Puffer fish are an incredibly personable fish that come in many shapes sizes and coloration. The saltwater puffer fish have a lot of... more

I have a great show in store for you fish keepers!! It has been a long time since I have had a guest on Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast. I am glad to interview Mr. Roy Williams who is an experienced fish keeper who has been keeping tropical fish... more

This week's (July 10th-July 15th) fish of the week is the Jack Dempsey Cichlid (Rocio Octofasciata) !! Named after the famous boxer Jack Dempsey, the jack dempsey cichlid is a semi aggressive cichlid that comes from Central America.... more

July 3rd's tropical fish of the week is the firemouth cichlid (Thorichthys meeki). Firemouth cichlids come from Central America! They are one of the most popular, hardy, common, and readily available cichlids in the aquarium hobby! With a... more

On June 30th 2017, I created an account here on BuzzSprout. On July 1, 2017 I debuted and released my first episode. What an incredible awesome year it has been for me here on Buzz Sprout! I started out with A.C. Network and then later... more

It's time for you the fish keepers to take over the show! It's that time of month once again! It's Aqua Alex's Fish Keeper's Q and A Open Forum where I will answer any and all of your tropical fish questions. This is where the fish... more

Let's face it! One of the most exciting times as a fish keeper is purchasing new fish! Getting new tropical fish is one of those feel good moments as a fish keeper. Whether your getting fish online, at your local fish store, or your pet store it's... more