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African Hybrid People Decree is Only by B.C. Solar Zodiac Calendar-A.D. is Fraud

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African Hybrid People Decree is by Only B.C. Solar Zodiac Calendar-A.D. is Fraud

The fifth day of Nissan was compared by Henri Frankfort (Kingship and the Gods) to the Jewish Day of Atonement, for on the day the king was escorted to the main chapel and was relived there by the High Priest of all the symbols of kingship.

"My Lord, is he not my Lord" in honor of Marduk, and invoked the Sun, the Moon, and the twelve constellations of the zodiac. A prayer to the goddes followed, in which herepithet, DAM.KL.ANNA ("Mistress of Earth and Haven") revealed the ritual's Sumerian origin.  The prayer likened her to the planet Venus "which shines brilliantly among the stars," naming seven constellations After these prayers, which stressed the astronomical-calendrical aspectsof the occasion, singers and musicians performed "in the traditional manner" and a breakfast was served to Murduk and Sarpanit "two hours after sunrise."

...The Babylonial New Year rituals evolved from the Sumerian AKITI ("On Earth Build Life") festival whose roots can be traced to the state visit by ANU and his SPOUSE ANTU to Earth circa 3800 B.C., when (as the texts attest) the zodiac was ruled by the Bull of Heaven, the Age of Taurus. We have suggested that it was then that Counted Time, the  calendar of Nippur, was granted to Mankind. Inevitably, that entailed celestial observations and thus led to the creation of a class of trained astronomer-priest.

    Several text, some well preserved and some surviving only in fragments, describe the pomp and circumstance of  ANU'S and ANTU'S visit to Uruk (the biblical Erech) and the ceremonies  which became the rituals of the New Year festival in the ensuing millennia.