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Sodomy-Buggery culture can never be civilization cause by ill mental state

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Cosmic Philosopher

Cosmic Philosopher


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Solipsism is the theory that only the self is real and that the self cannot be aware of anything else except itself. An example of solipsism is the idea that nothing matters except yourself.

Sodomy laws in the United States were laws that made certain kinds of sexual activity illegal. ... In 2003, in a case called Lawrence v. Texas, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that sodomy laws were unconstitutional. This means no sodomy law in the United States can be used to charge a person with a crime.

The syndrome is characterized by feelings of loneliness, detachment and indifference to the outside world. Solipsism syndrome is not currently recognized as a psychiatric disorder by the American Psychiatric Association, though it shares similarities with depersonalization disorder, which is recognized.

The insolvent European humanoid sodomites, began their unprecedented criminal career in Italy 509 B.C. on the Etruscan Roman Superbus king. According to certified world history, that was the occasion which gave the poverty stricken European buggery culture a wealthy boost to turn shameful life of sodomy into the glamourous evil politics, that wrongly imitate legitimate African gods Kingship Government.  A very interesting story to read, following the gods DNA civilized hybrid human beings. This is a worldwide scam called a new world order, using the monotheism JKV Bible. Their bugger-sodomy must leave all African territories to reside back in sodomite  Europe culture.