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Cosmic Philosopher



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We're making a distinction between B.C. & A.D. worldviews. B.C. = the origin of humanity. A.D. = a fictional depiction of life. Come learn the difference!

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The famous island, Martha's Vineyard, once was the site of Indian Christian congregations through the missionary endeavors of the Mayhew family. Dartmouth University had its beginning through the efforts of a Connecticut Puritan to train Indian young men to preach the Gospel. But Vaughan's book also reveals just how brutal the Puritans were in their dealings with the Indians — specifically, Chapter V, ?The Pequot War, 1637.? What is amazing about the account in this chapter is the frankness with which the author recounts the events and the Puritans part in them. The carnage and the Puritan justification for participation therein is quite revealing — self-defense is one thing, but outright purposeful slaughter is, to say the least, questionable Christian behavior (from 1965 edition): (1) pp. 127-128 — The so-called Christian response of ?merciless revenge? was carried out ?vigorously? by Captain John Endicott — ?Dissatisfied by the paucity of Indian casualties, the English soldiers heartlessly ‘destroyed some of their dogs instead of men.'?; (2) pp. 132, 141 — The Puritans demanded and accepted, as signs of loyalty and sincerity from allied Indian tribes, the body parts of their common enemies (see also p. 142, where the Puritans viewed these indications of loyalty as a sign from God and an answer to prayer); (3) p. 143 — When embarking on an expedition of Indian hunting, the Puritans entreated the Lord to direct them in their pillage and slaughter; (4) p. 136 — Concerning the Indians, the Puritans viewed themselves as the enforcers of ?law and order? due to their view of themselves as God's ?New World Zion,? a reconstructionist view of history. (Said the Europe's narcissist).
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Why I am identifying Chester Burton Atkins (aka) Chet Atkins as my climaxing satisfaction, in Guitar melody; is for the following reasons. a) technicality. b) diversity. c) arrangement. d) naturalness. e) symplistic suphistication f) charm. I... more

The Gods Elohim came to Earth when no civilization existed, 450,000 years ago. They brought their Kingship government and set it up in the Abzu of South Africa. We hybrid people were created 3-200,000 years ago and in 300 B.C.... more

Christianity is exactly the spread of global uncivilized sodomy under uncivilized sodomite white men so-called Romans, you must read world history very observant to find the time they convert themselves into Roman Republic. I am... more

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The essence of Black People is being Elohim hybrid, but the bible lies about human DNA hybridization to deceive them. The fact of the incipient time Black people were created, is crucial for them to know. It is within their reach to learn... more

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