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Do You Really Know Your Bible

Do You Really Know Your Bible?


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We are in the introduction part of the Ephesian Assembly and learning what it is all about. You will want too hear the next part and understand more of what the Ephesian Assembly is before we get into the heart of the Assembly Age
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We will be learning about each Assembly Age, starting with The Ephesian Assembly Age, and we will be explaining what it and what it is not. This was a really Assembly at the time and we will be going through each one right... more

Messiah is going to be victorious over the devil, and He is going to be the King of kings, and Sovereign of Sovereigns, and we will be in His Kingdom one day. We will learn about all this the next time we come together, and study His Word.

Next time when we come together a question will be asked by Nathanel in Jn 1:48. He wanted to know whom this man was. We should that do not know Him as personal Saviour want too know whom Yahvahosha is and accept Him... more

We are talking about The Seventhfold Majesty of His Person, and learning that His hair as White as snow, His Eyes as Fire, the Feet of Brass. We will be learning His Woice Was as the Sound of Many Waters, In His right Hand Were... more

Next time we are going to be talking on these subjecsts: The Sevenfold Majesty of His Person. We will be explaing what this all about . So be sure that you hear our next program on this subject

We afe going to see this time was Scripture teaches us about the Sabbath rest, and entering it, and remain in the rest. It is a rest for all time from the beginning of time too the end of time as we know it. It has never changed. So we will learn... more

In the next part of this study we will be talking about The Patmost Vision, and that John was in the Spirit on Yahvah's Day. This does not mean Sunday. Yahvah's day at the time was the 7th Day Sabbath, and that is the day that he was in the... more

We are talking about the coming of Yahvahosha, which is Yahvah, because He is one. And we will notice that in the Hebrew Scripture that Joseph was a trype of Yahvahosha, because there are things that are sumilar too Him that is similar to... more

Yahvahosha is going to return one day and will we be ready? One might think that they have plenty of time to get ready, but we might not have as much time as one think, and will you be ready. We will learn more about His coming next time.

Loosed from Sin. That is what we are to be. In Rev 1:5 we read "Unto Him, that loved us, and washed us from our sins in His own blood." We are washed by the blood of Yahvahosha the Messiah. When we come again next time we will... more