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This show discusses the social implications of various security technologies.

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We have been interviewing many people high level executives in the Voice Authentication field. This is not surprising, as Voice Authentication is starting to be recognized as a very viable Biometric technology, and holds great promise for... more

If one were to examine the Biometric Modalities which are available today, the one technology which would stand out in terms of recognition by the public is that of Facial Recognition. Why is this so? Well, after the tragic incidents of 9/11,... more

As we all know, Voice Recognition is starting to become an important Biometric technology. While it may not enjoy the "limelight" applications which Vein Pattern Recognition and Iris Recognition do, Voice Recognition is finding its specialty in... more

In the course of these radio shows, we have interviewed thus far two Biomeric Vendors whom specialize in scanning the eye for the purposes of verification and/or identification of an individual. So far, we have examined Sclera... more

Some of the biggest market applications for Biometrics include Physical Access Entry, Time and Attendance, as well as Single Sign On Solutions. However, Biometrics are also starting to boom into other industry sectors as well, such as... more

In today's radio show, we interview Mr. Mohammed Murad of IRIS ID, Vice President of Sales. As we all know, the eye is probably the most unique structure in the human body. For example, it consists of the Retina, as well as the... more

In this radio show, we interview Mr. Irmantas Naujikas of Neurotechnology, based out Lithuania, making this our second international broadcast. Neurotechnology is different from other Biometric Vendors in that they focus much more heavily... more

In the world of Biometrics, we all know that Fingerprint Recognition is the de facto technology. It has been around the longest, and serves pretty much the entire gamut of applications which are available to the Biometrics Industry today.... more

Anviz Global is a leading Biometrics Vendor, with its main offices and global headquarters located in China. They also have a firm presence here in the United States. Anviz Global was created in 2001. They serve a wide array of industries,... more

In this radio show, we interview Mr. Toby Rush, Founder and CEO of EyeVerify, LLC, based out of Kansas City, KS. This company has a very unique solution in that it focuses upon examining the blood vessel pattern in the whites of the eye... more