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Anna Kavanaugh

Mad Science: The Genetic Crossroad With Anna Kavanaugh


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Anna Kavanaugh hosts the weekly radio series, "Mad Science: The Genetic Crossroad." The program aims to raise awareness and provide education about genetically modified organisms (GMO), in the world food supply and the practices of the GM biotech industry. The series is dedicated to all issues surrounding GM foods, its usage and ramifications thereof. Anna is a writer, advocate, and founder of the (AKCF) Anna Kavanaugh Charitable Foundation. Her original novel, "The Cord of Callows," now an upcoming expanded trilogy series, is the inspiration for a GMO documentary film entitled, "The Cord of Callows trilogy: Fact Behind the Fiction. Fear Behind the Fact."

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Often, art defines real life and in many forms predicts, and even creates the future. It is uncanny how art has revealed so many parallels between fact and fiction. We also find this in actual historical events. What have we learned from... more

46 million dollars were spent to shut down Proposition 37 in California, calling for mandatory labeling of GM foods. Several independent studies proving serious health consequences of GMO consumption have been strangely discredited. It... more

Would you subject yourself, or your children, to be participants in a potentially harmful game? Consumers are unwittingly already part of a game in which we are merely pawns. Who has the right to determine what is an acceptable risk? The... more

All food contains genetic material that directly effects the expression of cells in the body. GM food forces a different expression than that of a natural state. To what degree, is yet to be quantified. Dr. Eva Notony said, "Even minor tampering with... more

Why are chemical companies, like Monsanto, excercising such inexplicable amounts of freedom and power over our world food supply? Their tentacles reach disturbingly into business and political interests unbeknownst to most... more

Behind the veil. The building blocks of life are being synthetically manipulated and altered from a natural state. Nearly 80% of all products in grocery stores now contain GMO ingredients. What is really involved in the process of altering the... more

This episode examines the origins of the GMO industry and its purported global benefit impressed upon consumers under the guise of safety, stronger and more plentiful crops, and a world problem solver in meeting population demand for... more

Series Opener. Anna Kavanaugh introduces her new radio program, Mad Science: The Genetic Crossroad. In this episode, she raises questions about the GMO industry and its unregulated practice. She further spotlights some of the most... more
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