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Anita Charlot

Anita Charlot


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Living Purrfectly Authentic is a show hosted by the Self-Awareness and Relationship Transformation Coach, Metaphysician Anita Charlot ~ Author of The 5 Phases of Dating and Healing the Heart and Soul With Unconditional Love...5 Minutes a Day! Over the past decade Anita has coached and mentored countless women and men in the area of getting in touch with their Purrfectly Authentic selves. Through her own life experiences and her desire to really get in touch with the truth of who she is, she has discovered her life's passion of assisting others to do the same. Stay tuned for many interesting topics that are sure to take you on a journey to connecting with the real you. Once you have truly connected with who you are it will be that much easier to attract the right people and circumstances into your life as well. Welcome!

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Today is Father's Day. While I take my hat off to all Fathers' out there holding it down...I'd like to take today to celebrate all single mothers' AND fathers' that pull double duty.

What do you do when things don't go as planned? How do you reorganize and reinvent yourself? What are the necessary steps to turning a "negative" situation into a positive one.

How many times have you watched your friends or family turn into people you no longer recognize due to their relationship? Are you a person that tends to get "lost" in your relationships? What does it mean when... more

How many people do you know get caught up in the "high" of dating and overlook signs pointing to the inconsistency of their dating partners? What should you be paying attention to? Do you know how to read another person's personality? Are... more

Should you share EVERYTHING when you first start dating someone? How much information is too much information? Could you be setting yourself up to be taken advantage of? When someone shares their pain from their past...do you now... more

What are the tell-tell signs that indicate where a person is in their "emotional growth?" What can you do to "weed out" those that are not on the same/similar wave length as you BEFORE getting deep into relationship with them. Check... more

Men/Women...what do you think about open relationship? Could you handle an open relationship? Would you be secure enough to handle one? Do you think it's right or wrong? Of course I have my OWN opinion, but I'd love to hear what you... more

Are social networking sites changing the way we meet, communicate in the dating world? Do you review your "love interests" or "exs" page to keep up with who they are talking to? Has Facebook or Twitter caused problems in your... more

Be present when black hair care professionals, students and clients go at it...regarding process vs. technique. Do you have any questions regarding black hair care? Do you question your stylist ways? Bring it...bring your... more

Nannies, Day Care sitters, Baby sitters, Private Schools, Grandparents...are they raising today's youth? Have our lives become so "full" that we now outsource parenting? What are your thoughts? Join me tonight as Mothers, Fathers and... more