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Are you feeling the call to explore, understand, or develop your spiritually? You are a Divine Being, and we are here to assist, inspire and support you on your path and in your faith. We fan your seeds of your hope, and help you to plant more. We support and highlight your connection with your Divine Nature, and we remind you, and help you to love the beautiful spirit you already are. We love speaking with you, so call in to speak with us on air on (+1) 347 202 0232 or (+1) 714 583 6858, or use the free Skype call button on the show pages after the show is Live On Air.

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The Black Moon Lilith's themes of betrayal, scandal, and exile meet up with Neptune's themes of the mystical, spiritual and redemption. WHOA!!!! The two of these heavenly bodies are meeting up in a conjunction in Neptune's home sign of Pisces where we are sure to see secrets exposed, OOOOOHHHHH! What will be revealed to you? Janet Hickox always has interesting and accurate information to share Host, Annette McCoy is sure this topic will lead to an interesting conversation! Janet will be doing mini-astrology readings during the show. A real bonus!! Be sure to call in +1-347-202-0232 for your reading.Janet will need your birth details to create your chart
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