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Are you feeling the call to explore, understand, or develop your spiritually? You are a Divine Being, and we are here to assist, inspire and support you on your path and in your faith. We fan your seeds of your hope, and help you to plant more. We support and highlight your connection with your Divine Nature, and we remind you, and help you to love the beautiful spirit you already are. We love speaking with you, so call in to speak with us on air on (+1) 347 202 0232 or (+1) 714 583 6858, or use the free Skype call button on the show pages after the show is Live On Air.

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Stepping Into Your Purpose...join Catharine as we discuss what it means to step into your purpose and how stepping into your purpose can change your life as you do those things you are meant to do and are passionate about. She will also be taking callers if you would like to receive guidance and healing. Want to learn more about what I do? You can go to facebook.com/angelichealerandteachercath Be sure to also check us out on facebook at facebook.com/angel heart radio Join Catharine every Saturday at 1pm CST
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Are you constantly looking outside of yourself for answers? Do you feel that others are much more qualified and important than you are? Do you feel that you must apologize for being in the room or take responsibility for anything and... more

Who You Truly Are...Catharine Han will be discussing who you truly are when it comes to how we are seen in the eyes of the Divine. Catharine will be discussing the energy of the week as well as talk about the Full Moon that we have... more

'In time' not 'on time'. This was one of my lessons from Jesus to reduce my anxiety as I watched the clocking ticking away during each day. Did you know that you can control how you interface with time? For many years I let the clock set... more

Marney Perna, Kinesiologist, Author and Presenter has recently had a medical situation that required attention to self care during her recuperation Host, Annette McCoy welcomes Marney to share her recent experience and what she gleaned... more

What's your relationship with your shadow self? Are you hiding from parts of yourself? Do you feel that there are aspects of yourself that are unlovable? Parts that need to be hidden because if anyone knew who you were or what... more

Angelic assistance, angel readings, ange healing, and more! Come meet our NEW Angel Heart Radio host, Catharine Han! Catharine has a beautiful, loving, clear connection with the angels, and she loves to assist her callers to receive... more

Meet Amy Lydon Seiter As a child, Amy idendified angels as God's personal butterflies, serene-faced, stained-glass fairies whose songs were messages only Very-Holy-People could hear. As she grew up, Amy was guided to see and hear... more

Trauma can be anything. It can be illness, abuse, war, divorce, transitions, death, accidents, deep wounds from difficult experiences, etc. Trauma is uniquely defined by each person. There is grief associated with trauma that needs to be... more

The Black Moon Lilith's themes of betrayal, scandal, and exile meet up with Neptune's themes of the mystical, spiritual and redemption. WHOA!!!! The two of these heavenly bodies are meeting up in a conjunction in Neptune's home... more
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