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The Ben Solomon show

Am Yisrael Chai show


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Am Yisrael Chai radio host Benyamin Solomon is a former Conservative BTR radio host. However, while agreeing with political Conservativism as a political philosophy, he rejects the wingnut approach to talking about politics. Instead, he has decided to offer analysis from a Torah perspective. His basic approach is a simple one: Am Yisrael chai [the people of Israel live]!!!!!

On-Demand Episodes

For more than two decades, the US has held Jonathan Pollard behind bars even longer than the maximum punishment the US would hold for a US ally. Jonathan Pollard merely tried to retrive security information that Israel desperately needed.... more

On today's broadcast, I will discuss the phenomonon of even leftist self-hating Jews joining in in demonizing the heroic Iranian opposition group the MEK [Mujahideen-e-Khalq], as well as the Iranian disinformation campaign against... more

In this episode, I will lay out the case against blood worship, as it led to a bunch of propagandistic and sick ways of thinking, whether it be the KKK and Segregation, groups like the Black "Hebrew Israelites" or the Syrian Jewish... more

A common misconception about Judaism is the false erroneous claim that Jews are put above non-Jews by being the "chosen people". And any attempt to describe the differences in mission and obligations is then dismissed with the... more

In this show, I'll discuss the real purpose of Israel from a Torah perspective. What is it? Many will claim that G-d gave Israel to the Jews without mention the purpose of the land. And there is also a move to deny the Jewish connection to... more

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Basically, in exchange for developing nuclear weapons at a "slower" rate [in the hope of it being for "peaceful" purposes], the Obama Administration agreed to lift sanctions for a 6 month period. Iran would supposeldy just have enough to... more

The world has stupidly been trying to reach out to Islamo-Fascist Iran for a solution on its nuclear deal. But Israel and the MEK are the only ones who know that Rouhani [like the other fake "reformists" and "moderates" within... more

It's been reported recently that Nouri al-Maliki, Iraq's Prime Minister, has begged the US to come into to intervene on their side against Al Qaeda. Tonight, I discuss coward Maliki. Maliki is a member of the Iranian proxy Islamic Dawa... more

Anti-Semites and others [whether it be radical Atheists, self-hating Jews, Palestinianism or whatever] have misinterpreted the term "chosen people", which is nowhere to be found in Scripture. For a long time, it has been claimed that... more
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