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The Ben Solomon show

Am Yisrael Chai show


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Am Yisrael Chai radio host Benyamin Solomon is a former Conservative BTR radio host. However, while agreeing with political Conservativism as a political philosophy, he rejects the wingnut approach to talking about politics. Instead, he has decided to offer analysis from a Torah perspective. His basic approach is a simple one: Am Yisrael chai [the people of Israel live]!!!!!

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All over the world, Muslim radicals have carried out barbaric terrorist atrocities. They publicly behead people in public squares and in front of television cameras chanting, "Allah Ackbar!!", they send their children dressed in bomb belts to kill... more

What's the difference between the 7 Laws of Noah and every other system out there [from Capitalism, Communism, democracy, autocracy]? The 7 Laws of Noah is the basic moral code that Hashem [G-d] expects man to live by.... more

How many times have we heard leftist liberals say that pro-life people [particularly Conservative ones] are hypocrites because they defend the right of the unborn while supporting the death penalty for murderers? They say that it's... more

Adolf Hitler, the most evil monster in the world, said, ?Conscience is a Jewish invention; it is a blemish like circumcision? and ?If one little Jewish boy survives without any Jewish education, with no synagogue and no Hebrew school, it... more

It must be stated that the peace process is virtually a joke. The same methods are tried and failed. The bullying of Israel has brought nothing but failure. If anything, it hurts any chance for peace. Israeli territorial concessions resuled in... more

I goofed and made the show 15 minutes. I had to go into archive and got interrupted when responding to the pro-choice argument about the child being an econmic "burden" or so. Tonight, I will continue my broadcast on where I left off.... more

Abortion used to be a big issue where I was "ideologically" pro-life; but "pragmatic". But what I'm learning now is that, to say the least, many times, my "pragmatism" is gutless weakness. A perfect example has been my politics on... more

I'm sure some people have heard of the game of Mao, the game where you start off not knowing any of the rules and you learn after being penalized with more cards. And the winner makes up a new rule at the end of the game. Well, a real... more

Article 4 of the Palestinian Authority constitution says that Sharia law is the main source of legislation. In fact, Muslim countries proudly call themselves "Islamic" and even actviely discriminate against non-Muslims. But in Israel, which is not... more

Tune into the Ben Solomon show, as he talks about the latest news. A lot has happened. Recently, there was a terorrist attack on a Jerusalem synagogue. And the EU proposes snactions on Israel for its settlement activity, according to... more
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