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New Look at the Holocaust and its relevance today

  • Broadcast in History
The Ben Solomon show

The Ben Solomon show


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  Adolf Hitler, the most evil monster in the world, said, “Conscience is a Jewish invention; it is a blemish like circumcision” and “If one little Jewish boy survives without any Jewish education, with no synagogue and no Hebrew school, it [Judaism] is in his soul. Even if there had never been a synagogue or a Jewish school or an Old Testament, the Jewish spirit would still exist and exert its influence. It has been there from the beginning, and there is no Jew, not a single one, who does not personify it.” Even Hitler understood that the Jews had a special task, albeit one that he hated. But why is that relevant today?

     To find the answers, listen to this enlightening and educating broadcast. For I believe that there has been a battle between the forces of G-dliness and the forces against G-dliness. There has been a battle between light and darkness that was referanced all the way back to Sefer Breishit [Book of Genesis] , the first book of the Torah shebeichtav [the written Torah] when it talked about the creation of light and darkness. And Hitler represented one of the worst of G-dlessness. How is it that Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jewish people, who were tasked by Hashem [G-d] to promote the light of G-d in the world? And you look at the Torah and the ideology of Nazism, both of which are complete opposities. Torah is good, sweet, and is eternal light. Nazism was pure evil. Nazism brought man to be the worst of animals. According to Torah, man [both Jewish and non-Jewish alike] was created Btzelem Elokim [in G-d's image]. Hashem tasked man with a moral code on how they are to behave. Yet Nazism says that humans are disposable. Nazism casted Aryans as the master race while Jews were at the bottom and were to be exterminated. And anyone  else the Nazis saw as "undesireable" [such as those with disibilites], the Nazis just murdered. Tune in and listen.