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AMUN-RA & HIS COMPANY OF GODS & GODDESSES are back with A PURE ENERGY TRANSMISSION Right on time for NOW!!! Travel thru the higher densities with Amun & his Starseed panel as they remove the spell of MIND... more

The Time is Now for you to rise into your higher selves! To become in tuned with the true you. This transmission is transmitted to open your chakras & energize you down to the molecular cellular level. DNA REACTIVATION!!! We are... more

Htp/Peace to all you enlightened Supreme Melanated Beings! Tonight we are going to travel thru the worm hole into triple stage darkness. 6 ELECTRONS, 6 PROTONS & 6 NEUTRONS = MELANIN. Tonight we welcome Naazir Alim Bey... more

IT'S THE RETURN OF AMUN-RA & HIS COMPANY OF GODS & GODDESSES! THE DIMENSIONAL SHIFT 2 ft. Dr. Phillip Valentine-El Due to mis-communications from Mercury's Retrograde...The Good Dr. didn't make the... more

GREETINGS Starseeds, Lightworkers, Pure Light Beings, Etherians. This TRANSMISSION is in dedication to you ALL! The topic of the Dimensional Shift has been discussed in great magnitudes throughout the past 30 years.... more

Transmitting live from the center of the Primordial Black Dot....Amun-Ra & His Company of Gods & Goddesses return shining light on the Higher Degrees of Ancestral Magick. Materializing on the scene we welcome the Honorable Bro.... more

IT'S THE RETURN OF "DIMENSIONAL SHIFT MUSIC TRANSMISSIONS" (Pure Green Light Frequencies) 6-15-14 sun 9p-10p Amun-Ra will be joined by 2 master alchemists: Djehwti Khepra Awsar-El -Producer for the Wu-Tang affiliate group... more

HTP, PEACE & BLESSINGS TO ALL! You are now in tune with Pure Energy Transmissions. Travel with Amun and the Starseeds thru the ethers on another enlightening experience. The Gods & Goddesses are accompanied by the... more

HTP/PEACE! Welcome to another pure light frequency transmission. Take a trip with Amun-Ra to the Left Coast/West Coast. Sitting in with Amun is 1-800- Scott Free repping South West Detroit. Amun & 1-800 are the founders of the group... more

HTP/PEACE to the Gods & Goddesses! You're now in TUNE with Pure Energy Transmissions. Amun-Ra & His Company of Gods & Goddesses are back to transmitt Pure Light Frequencies on THE SCIENCE OF THE ANKH. This... more
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