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Featuring Trinity Metaphysical Center and ECRIPT Paranormal Investigators. Join us as we explore various topics from the metaphysical to the paranormal...and beyond!

On-Demand Episodes

Have you ever wondered why we fall for certain people? Some can pe positive and help us grow. Some can be toxic and be abusive. Either way, we do it for the good or bad. If you are empathic, man or man do you have to be careful... more

Does our soul choose our family and friends before we are born? What happens to our soul in between lifetimes? Is your soul getting tired? What are soul contracts between humans and animals? We discuss these interesting... more

What is the Law of Attraction? How do I make my "vibration" high enough to manifest what I want? Why isn't the Law of Attraction working for me? What is a Vision Board? Can the Law of Attraction help with my depression? Why am I... more

Did you know Bigfoot was recently sighted in South Jersey? Have you heard there are new Navy reports of unexplained flying objects? Have you heard people may be keeping chupacabras as pets? Did you know the first humans on Mars will... more

On this episode we share tips and techniques for healing, enhancing psychic abilites,cleansing negative energy, balancing, protection and manifesting what you want by incorporating the use of specific metaphysical items into your life.... more

Do you think you're telepathic? Do you ever hear voices from the spirit realm? Do you know what automatic writing is? Can you see or read auras? We discuss different types of psychic abilities and how to tap into them, including telepathy,... more

It's that time again for our Metaphysical and Paranormal Q&A! How is mind reading different from telepathy? What is the Sort Sol phenomenon? Was the wizard Merlin real? What exactly is mindfulness? What are the Marfa Lights?... more

Join us as we discuss important astrological and lunar events and dates in 2019! Learn about this year's eclipses, retrogrades, full moons, new moons, and more and how they can affect your life and your horoscope!. We will also cover... more

Join us as we discuss all of your "what if?"questions and answers on UFO's, Aliens and Extraterrestrials! What if aliens do come to earth soon? What if ET's are watching us like an experiment? Do you think humans and aliens are... more

Part two of our fun zodiac horoscopes! This episode continues where last week'sepisode was cut off due to a technical problem. We all know the basic characteristics of people based on their birth sign, but what about digging deeper... more