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Documented-research with 50 years of ***assorted federal Government- Native American program development. *** Construction and real estate experience. ----------------------------- ***Public Volunteer Service--Started CULTURE FOR THE CONFINED" A 1973 Book donation drive for detainees and inmates in the San Francisco County Jail Sheriff Richard Hongisto Administration ***Animal Control-Welfare project for San Francisco Police & San Francisco Health Department. ***Authored first International study of Animal Control "IT'S STILL A DOG'S WORLD" ***San Francisco School District Public Corruption and pedophile investigation involving school board members ***HUD funded non accountability of San Francisco bogus non profit organizations ***Civil Rights violations of senior citizens and military veterans in subsidized housing ***ACLU legal Research & Law student recruitment--Jay Miller Executive Director ***Military Selective Service Counseling ***Nixon administration ography Investigation Hearings San Francisco California ***Two Military Jurisdiction cases law & incident investigative Research ***media experience. Federal Communications--Public Radio Western Public Radio--KALW FM San Francisco Unified School District-- ***1983--Correspondent Australia-New Zealand-Canada-California--KALW FM--Western Public Radio ***AMICUSVERITAS MEDIA ***Specialized Legal Research & Investigations--Federal Program Analyst & Program Developer--International Media Experience--Correspondent PublicRadio--Australia-New Zealand-Canada & the US--Video E Magazine format Amicusveritas ***Youtube--220 to date-- Master blog page http://www.amicusveritas.org/ ***Public corruption watch ***Californians Against Voter Fraud *(*JAWS--Judicial Accountability Watch *** Californians against voter fraud American military poverty law Project Military History Video Project Haight Ashbury Project--AWOL-DESERTERS Military Project Couns

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POLITICAL ANIMALS--Does Donald Trump share political traits with President Harry Truman? ***President Truman --Blunt-Frank & Told it like it was! ***Does Donald Trump share these same character traits? MEDIA AVOIDS THE "L"... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS ***Role of Lesbians in Nazi Germany ****Concentration Camp Abuses ***Role of Lesbians in Soviet Union WW2--The Red Hyenas Anti Slavery Activist John Brown--Later hanged Barbara Woodhouse--Dog Trainer... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--Indiana Politicians-Presidents-a Vice President ***The Harrison Family--William Henry Governor of Indiana Territory & Benjamin Harrison Grandson President ***vice Presidents from Indiana--Marsahll VP Wilson... more

political animals--Special Patrick Butler Correspondent

POLITICAL ANIMALS--US GRANT--- PRESIDENT---FT VANCOUVER WASHINGTON ***William Colby CIA his mysterious death ***Ferdinand Magellan Killed by Cannibals in the Philippines ***Hart Crane Gay writer... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--WHITE PRIVILEGE POLITICIANS ***Hillary Rodham Clinton--apparently thinks and acts like she is untouchable by law enforement ***Growing number of citizens "are not amused by Hillary's antics and white... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--LLoyd George British Prime Minister--Alexander Kerensky both world war One politicians PRINCE(Nelson)-- ***Reportedly opposed to Gay Marriage--Prince shared similar religious affiliation with Michael Jackson--... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS---single use toilets part 2--Jordan Johns Inside a San Francisco single use "Jordan John" ***Promoters of video voyeur toilet spycamming--Criminals identified--Jason Pomare Transgender arrested in... more

POLITICAL ANIMALS--"JORDAN JOHNS"--San Francisco Mayor Frank Jordan established single use public toliets years ago--and more businesses and public buildings have single use toilets ***Radical Gay-Lesbian Left advocates public... more

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