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American Daily Review: Veterans Day & The Madness It Used To Transcend

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The Faithful Witness

The Faithful Witness


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Philae rides the comet; Catalonia refusing to go down with Spain's sinking economic ship; Would just smoking a cigarette when getting out of his limo have been less insulting to the ChiComms than Barack Obama blowing Nicorette bubbles?; Obama is many things, but a "lame duck" isn't one of them; Is Attorney-General nominee Loretta Lynch a "straight-shooter," and how can Senate Republicans stop her confirmation in the lame duck session?; Meanwhile, back in Beijing, Obama atones for his gum-chewing insult by surrendering what's left of the U.S. economy to the new #1 by selling out to the ChiComms on "climate change"; Obama vows to build a communications policy bridge back to the mid-twentieth century by nationalizing the Internet into the new Ma Bell; Meanwhile, in Syria, ISIS, al Qaeda, and the "Free Syrian Army" are now one, big, happy jihadist family; The 6-year Obama Depression has a quarter century left to go; Obama prepares to impose unratified UN gun treaty by Executive decree (or, "Let the gun confiscations begin!"); Democrats try to save Mary Landrieu with Keystone XL feint, but her GOP challenger, Bill Cassidy, beats them to the punch; Obama's Executive amnesty decree inbound and closing fast, necessitating a corresponding GOP red-alert response; The Gruber confession and the GOP's "Gruberization" offensive; The American Left, knowing that it has but a short time, rapidly gathers en masse for the final "fundamental transformation" push; and can Veterans Day really transcend all of the above