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ambeingme for you as President


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This user reasons that it is time to elect one of us into the White House as President of the United States. Too many politicians have been elected President, to our country's detriment, its miss-steps and our ignored well-being. In consideration of our future, i would like to be considered as President. After 7 years of being on Blog Talk Radio, our present election process has managed to prevent me, or anyone, without money, campaign financing or a political affiliation from being presented in newspapers, on television or national radio. It is time to have a non-politician, who is one of us, and, who will be one of us - every day in the White House - sharing the same DNA of many Americans: our daily numerous adversities; our daily numerous ailments; our daily numerous aspirations. I beleive the present party candidates, with political retreading, as well as our two Political parties, are too well off the beaten path to adequately feel what is right for us and what is best for our country. In every thirty ( 30 ) air-time minutes, i will introduce us to each other and me to you. if you can believe honesty and integrity still exists and in each of us and me, you can believe that one of us is equal to either party presidential candidate in ability, and a bit ahead in honesty. Please listen in and decide if we Americans can elect one of our own unchosen. The only unheard lobby in America is us, daily individuals outside of government. It's time to re-direct the path of the White House, straighten out Congress, align our laws into something sensible, bring savy & success to us whle being respected in the world. This may all sound beyond sensible, seem to be unrealistic, look impossible, and border on impracticality. I know, because without money, and I don't want any ( save your campiagn contributions' money for yourselves and family since word of mouth - like in the days of Paul Revere - is more valuable and trusted ) the challange of campaig

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Our Government is Ripe for the Picking of a New Brand of President - a NON-Politician, from the people's side of things - not rich or famous, without Campaign Financing. What a relief that would be for all of us. So here i am.... more

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10/4 You see the LEADING Presidential Candidates displaying their vinegar and visceral: instinct with coarse or base emotions. I don't have to say another word about Either: Hillary Clinton/ Donald Trump: not another word. It is the... more

10/3-16 Everyday a blog from me to our country. I not only think about you I try to speak to you in caring smart terms, telling you this and this to make you and us better, live better and see better. Unlike Trump and Mrs. Hillary Clinton who just... more

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Our Nation does not feel like it should. Torrents of Anguish are circulatimg the 2016 Presidential Election and for Good Reason: Our GOOD REASON is LACKING. America You've Got A Problem Deeper Than The Deepest Part Of... more


Again i keystroke poorly and w/o spell checker. It is my way of typing which i never learned 2 good ( well ). I am amazed how we as a nation can settle on 2 leading pres candidates. i read a little abouit Jill Stein. She has doe some good... more