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How often do you say I wish I could change? How often do you say I want to be a different person? Why? Have you ever really thought about why you say these things? Because you have been living your life to please others rather than yourself. Through my training in psychology and as a Life Coach, I am here to help you to become the person you already are. I don't want you to change but to accept and embrace yourself, while taking those bad habits out of the equation pushing only for your self-improvement. My goal is to jumpstart your mind and your heart. My zeal to assist you in your life will be apparent.

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Starting over yet again can be extremely overwhelming. It may be time to look at things from a different perspective. Why not look at it as starting anew. Because if you look at it as starting over then you are going to be making the exact same... more

Learned helplessness is a psychological condition in which a human being or an animal has learned to act or behave helpless in a particular situation, even when it has the power to change its unpleasant or even harmful circumstance.... more

What about love,the new single woman no longer needs a man. Do you find this to be a truism? I find it to b sad and a falsehood we all need love on some level in our lives. Why is it ok for men to move on but women have to remain on some... more

Hell pick me up right now,lol. You fall down as many times as you allow yourself too. You fall down as many times as there are so many things beyond your control. You fall down sometimes when you are week believe it or not when you... more

Do you have self defeating behaviors? Do you not understand how or why you have them? Do you even know you have them. Self defeating behaviors are a variety of things, there are many more but these are some great examples.... more

What does it take to be happy? I mean what is the secret for truly happy people that never seem to have any problems? Do you feel like you will never be happy? Are you tired of thinking it but never truly feeling it? Church, marriage,... more

In today's world there is no real trust anymore. So how do you go about having trust when the world has become an untrustable place. Facebook, twitter, text message, cell phones has made the world an open place, yet you don't know... more

Fear is indeed paralyzing. Whether it is life change, new love, new career, removal of old things and old ways. Does your fear of the new and what others think paralzye you completely. This is the hardest thing to deal with at times, so... more

What is it going to take to actually make you act upon your own words? When are you going to stop thinking about what you want and do it. How much more time can you put off in regards to the needs of your life? What you want to... more

Do you know how to be grateful? Do you truly know how to be thankful and no not over a turkey dinner with family. Being grateful is something that we all take for granted and do not understand the power that it can play in our lives.... more
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