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Jim And Joe Rizoli will be talking about a Patriots Day theme and issues related to it. Who fired the first shot on Lexington green to get the ball rolling. And other interesting things

Operation Jade Helm: Is Martial Law Coming to America?

Today the topic of sexual perversion is the subject with homosexuality and peadophelia being among the discussed topics. http://www.aryan-nation.org/ http://www.aryan-nations.org/ http://www.aryannations88.com... more

Jim and Joe Rizoli discuss the latest happenings on the world scene and will talk about the Frontline movie Memory of the Camps another failed attempt to get history right on the Holocaust topic.

April 16, 2015 This week: HAC talks about the Iran nuke deal, Gretchen about the Hitler Salute, the Trucker speaks as he rolls on down the road, then an excerpt from the latest Mike Harris radio show with HAC as guest. "If we had a... more

Operation Jade Helm and the Blood Moons: exposing the Jew world order's plans for military occupation of America.

April 11, 2015 THE SOUTH AFRICA PROJECT on ANN is the Radio Program of the South Africa Project. Host Monica Stone and Morris Gulett exposes the ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing in South Africa which the Jewish... more

Jim and Joe Rizoli discuss the latest news happenings in the world and willl talk about the Jews and Thomas Edison and Walt Disney. How the Jews destroyed the movie business.

April 9, 2015 Radio Free Northwest is the official Radio Program of the Northwest Front. This week: Andy on whigger smarts; HAC raps on the Wimmin Issue; Gretchen reviews Alfred Rosenberg's Myth Of The Twentieth Century, and we... more

Expose of this British "Think Tank," the mother of all Illuminati psychopolitical operations.