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NOTICE: AlisaCoaches.com is currently under construction. For now, visitors to the site are being directed to this page. Though no articles are published here, you will have access to all "Heart and Soul" podcasts. ----------------------- My name is Alisa. I am a life coach, relationship counselor. Over the past decade, I have worked with hundreds of clients from various countries and from different walks of life. My passion is helping clients to live their best lives possible; helping them to learn their truth.

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In this segment, Mistress Alisa helps addicts to understand what to expect from counselors, as well as what addicts need to be able to expect from themselves. Addicts are required to work for their own freedom. The truth is that no one can... more

Secrets have consistently been one of the biggest issues that keep My clients from walking in freedom and from walking in their truth. Secrets, lies, manipulations, deceptions. They all belong to the same family of untruths. We... more

There are so many definitions of what a Dominatrix is and is not. Mistress Alisa challenges the status quo and introduces personal insights into what a healthy version of a Domme looks like. Mistress Alisa has made a name for herself in... more

The importance of "letting go" cannot be underestimated - both in life and in BDSM. Mistress Alisa explains what it means to let go, and for the first time She publicly recounts a precautionary tale of what happened when She was in a... more

I received an email request today. On the surface, the message may seem simplistic in nature, but underneath the surface, the message is full of complexity. In this podcast, I delve into an answer that will shed light on what it takes to... more

One of the most important things for a sex addict to be able to do is to identify when the voice of his addiction is speaking, as opposed to the voice of his truth. Determining which voice is speaking is a game-changer in the life of an addict.... more

Sex addicts as well as those who love them are oftentimes overwhelmed by the challenges that face addicts on the journey to recovery. It can be difficult to know what is going on in the mind of a sex addict, especially when he has become so... more

If you struggle with , sex, or masturbation addictions, you may have considered getting counseling. This podcast will help you to know if you are, in fact, ready for that counseling. What does it take to receive support for addictions of a sexual... more

Men seek assistance for sexual addiction everyday. They want to understand how they became addicted. They want to know if they can be helped, and if so, how? I received a question today that moved Me. After answering the individual's... more

Have you ever thought about what constitutes a submissive male? Mistress Alisa reviews a couple of profiles of online submissive males. She points out the good and the bad of each profile, and gives Her opinion on why each selected... more