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Heart And Soul


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NOTICE: AlisaCoaches.com is currently under construction. For now, visitors to the site are being directed to this page. Though no articles are published here, you will have access to all "Heart and Soul" podcasts. ----------------------- My name is Alisa. I am a life coach, relationship counselor. Over the past decade, I have worked with hundreds of clients from various countries and from different walks of life. My passion is helping clients to live their best lives possible; helping them to learn their truth.

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One of the most common reasons that sex addicts find themselves on the losing side of their battle with sex addiction is because they no longer acknowledge that things can get better. Hope is powerful because it helps a person to endure the... more

Addiction, in any form, is a parasite. The thing to remember about a parasite is that it is never finished with its host. Ever. As long as that host is able to sustain life for itself, while also sustaining life for the parasite, the parasite will... more

The dash represents the life actually lived. It represents the hopes and dreams, the love, the tears, the laughter. It also represents the disappointments, the despair, those times when the individual was absolutely shaken to his core,... more

Men cheat for many reasons. Actually, both men and women cheat for many reasons. However, Mistress Alisa's speciality is in working with men. And, in this program, she takes a direct approacch to addressing many of the issues that... more

What goes on in the mind of a submissive male? Mistress Alisa is the "submissive whisperer" and She can crack the code. In this podcast, She points out 5 struggles that submissive men face in the lifestyle and in life, in general. She... more

Young men are being attracted to the lure of addiction at younger and younger ages these days. The impact that can have on a 20-year-old is massive. By the time the young man understands that he is addicted, every aspect of his life... more

When you know your truth and you live it, then nothing and no one can stand in your way. On the journey to wholeness and healing, many who seek recovery find themselves stuck in a rutt because they live their lives like victims. They have... more

On a daily basis, sex addicts face extremely negative feelings like: judgment, guilt, shame, embarrassment, self-doubt, and even self-hatred. They wonder how to break free from addiction in order to be the people they have always wanted to... more

Mistress Alisa receives several messages of inquiry from men who identify as Dominant. In this segment, she explains why she has, thus far, refused to work with such individuals. This is the story of Mistress Alisa and the... more

This podcast was inspired by yet another real-life situation. Mistress Alisa talks about the patterns that a specific client has found himself in for over 2 decades. She uses this case study to help shine a light on the decisions and... more