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Paranormal talk radio covering everything from UFOs to ghosts.

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As one of the oldest states New York has a cursed past. Join Paul and Matt as they discuss many locations all over the state.

Matt and Paul discuss the reported haunted locations in Massachusetts. The top 50 most haunted locations in each state will be talked about during the new series, "Haunted America."

Josef Allen Hynek was part of the infamous Project Blue Book and later became a UFOlogist. Did he really believe that aliens existed?

Over decades people have reported that the government sent a small group with a race of aliens from the planet Serpo. It is believed that the aliens were of the same species that crashed in Roswell in 1947. Take a journey with Paul... more

Twas a couple of nights before Christmas and the idiots are in front of the microphones.

JFK was, perhaps, the most beloved president in U.S. history. The American people and our allies seemed mesmerized by our President. The world was so enamored with the Kennedy family that his time in the White House was... more

Solving the mysteries one curse word at a time. This is an anything goes

1 year ago an interstellar traveler made its way into our solar system. It has captured the imagination of scientists and visionaries ever since. Now, new research suggests that it may, in fact, be of extraterrestrial origin.

In the first of their, "Abduction Series" Paul and Matt talk, candidly, about their opinions of modern TV. The Abduction Series focuses on the "behind the scenes" thoughts and rantings of both hosts. "It's quite different from what we normally... more

Perhaps the most famous demonic possession was the case involving a young man that some believe may have even been possessed by the devil himself. Throughout hundreds, possibly thousands, of years people have claimed to be... more