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David Allan Hurst and Ruthann Amarteifio get the weekend going! This week in review----Of course, on a national level, we must mention Monday night's embarrassment, also called a debate. Then on to more personal items----And, yes, coffee always plays a part! Harvest time is upon us---How are we affected, and what are we doing in regard to it? Hear our day-to-day happenings---What has got us laughing, what made us cry? The ups, the downs, the plateaus? Come as you are!! We may still be in p.j.s----
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David Allan Hurst welcomes several friends to the show to get their thoughts on the Monday night's Presidential Debate---( to some known as the "debacle") This was the first---What's to come? What did they carefully avoid? Who had the... more

John D. Rachel, http://jdrachel.com. is back w/ Ruthann. John is a popular political blogger, and a prolific writer. His articles have appeared in 'Russia Insider', 'Greanville Post', 'OpEdNews', and other alternative media sources. We will be... more

"FRIENDSHIP" Dawn Cheney and Ruthann Amarteifio are asking, (and giving some of their thoughts on) the queries that puzzle us about Friendship. What is it, really? Is there a definition we can all agree on? Does it mean different things to... more

From silly to serious, David Hurst and Ruthann Amarteifio have it covered!! Ordinary to extraordinary-----From food to festivals, gardens to galas, pandas to pushcarts?? Join us for a laid-back Saturday morning----Have a sit-down and a... more

1st half hour-----'Campaign 2016 w/ David Hurst' 2nd half hour----'Reality Check w/ Joshua Lehr' David is joined by Taylor Griffin, who is a former spokesman for the US Treasury Dept. They will be talking about the relationship between... more

Brian and Ruthann will be talking about financial topics---ie, Wells Fargo and Public Options---- The latest on Russia, and, of course---- 'The Most Surreal Election in US History' What is going on in the US----What has led up to the... more

1st half hour----'Campaign 2016 w/ David Hurst' 2nd half hour---'Reality Check w/ Joshua Lehr'' On 'Campaign 2016...', David Hurst has as a guest, J. Wesley Casteen, running for the US Congress in N. Carolina---7th District... more

Mark Brown returns-----FB Gateway Garlic Farms. And, we're talking : 'Putting Your Garden To Bed, or Not?' Mark has been running a community garden for several years, and has lots of info and tips on this type of gardening, along with... more

Never forget September 11, 2001---- When the world changed---- David Hurst (David Allen Hurst on FB) Is Ruthann's guest today, and we're talking Dakota Pipeline! This week has been a busy one for the protesters of the Dakota... more