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Mariana Cooper

The Aha! Moments Radio Show


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The Aha! Moments Radio Show is dedicated to the inspiration, education and celebration of Enlightened Entrepreneurs Worldwide!

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It is so easy to get caught up in the idea of linear time and step-by-step increments to try to make things happen the way we want. When we do this we can get caught up in controlling outcomes, watching for evidence, attaching to... more

My new book, The Aha! Factor: How to Use Your Intuition to Get What You Desire and Deserve is now available in book stores worldwide as well as Amazon and major online outlets! Get your copy and you will be eligible to recieve... more

The holidays are upon us and while we always plan and hope for the ideal holiday interactions with family members, it is not always easy to achieve. There are so many expectations and standards of perfection that we are held to, it is virtually... more

Let's face it, there is alot going on right now in the world. Multiple tragedies and what feels like a tremendous amount of pressure to make changes not just in our personal lives, but in the world at large. When we start to take on the weight of... more

As we go full swing into another holiday season, it is easy to feel a ton of pressure and think about how long it is taking for our prayers and intentions to actually get answers. What's missing? On this show we are going to talk about... more

This week we have a very special date, 11/11 and that comes on the day of the new moon! What does it mean? Well on this show we are going to talk all about some key energy shifts that are now in place and how your body,... more

Have you been feeling like manifesting what you desire has been an uphill battle? Does is seem like the little things are really easy, but the bigger things are almost impossible to receive? Have you been going over and over in your head trying to... more

Have you ever been really focused on what you truly want, felt like you were in the zone and then shared your excitement with your friend, only to be criticized for what you are trying to create? Manifesting is a skill that takes great focus and... more

Have you ever taken an inventory of what your comfort zones are? We all have at least a few. Comfort zones in relationships, work, the way we dress, how we diet and exercise... or not, we have set ways that we come to rely on. While having... more

Have you ever been heartbroken by falling short of a big goal? You gave it your all but things just didn't come together? You are not alone! And if you have ever felt stuck because you were afraid of trying again after what you perceive was... more