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We look to Hippocrates the founder of medicine as a rational science for health

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It was Hippocrates who finally freed medicine from the shackles of magic, superstition, and the supernatural.

Hippocrates collected data and conducted experiments to show that disease was a natural process; that the signs and symptoms of a disease were caused by the natural reactions of the body to the disease process; and that the chief role of the physician was to aid the natural resistance of the body to overcome the metabolic imbalance and restore health and harmony to the organism.

Hippocrates was born on the island of Cos, off the southwest coast of Asia Minor, or present-day Turkey, around 460 B.C.  His father was a physician-priest in the Asclepion at Cos, referred to also a Kos, and his family could trace its lineage back to the legendary Asclepius.  Hippocrates lived a very long life and died at a ripe old age in the town of Larissa in Thessaly.

Hippocrates, known as the "Father of Modern Medicine", established a medical school at Kos (The birthplace of Hippocrates is the island of Kos. It is the second-largest island of the East Aegean Sea) and Hippocrates is the most important figure in ancient Greek medicine. When Hippocrates began to practice medicine he disagreed with the established school of medicine on their core
issues and the school's approach to medicine had several serious flaws, which were already becoming apparent and starting to cause a general dissatisfaction with the art of medicine, which back then, medicine leaned more toward Magic and not science. The lack of science in (popular medicine) was what inspired Hippocrates to develop the Hippocratic Oath for physicians, for them to cause no harm, which Hippocrates hoped would sway them toward science and away from Magic.

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