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Thomas P. Fusco ~ Behind the Cosmic Veil

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My GUEST tonight is THOMAS P. FUSCO author of "Behind the Cosmic Veil".

Throughout modern history, humanity has made remarkable strides toward unraveling the secrets of the universe. Yet in spite of these impressive scientific achievements, certain fundamental mysteries continue to evade both our powers of reason and our modern physics. Among these are: 

- Is there a Divine Order within the cosmos?
- What are the causes behind the bizarre events known as    the paranormal?
- Are anti-gravity, time travel and teleportation possible, or    are they just food for fantasy?
- How was matter created “from the void?”
- Is there a gateway to a higher dimension, and what does    it look like?
- Is dark matter real, and why can’t we see it?
- How did life originate on earth?
- Could UFOs really be advanced spacecraft?
- And how does religion and spirituality fit into all this? 

Questions like these have long confounded scientists, philosophers, and ecclesiastics alike. Efforts to solve these riddles have often suffered from too narrow a focus, such as those that attempt to describe telepathy or consciousness in terms of quantum theory while overlooking the vast body of other unexplained phenomena. None have led us to a single cosmological framework that can accommodate the wealth of scientific anomalies, spiritual experiences and paranormal events that are observed and recorded.