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A Closer Walk Christian Talk Show

A Closer Walk Christian Talk Show


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"A Closer Walk" deals with challenging topics that touch the Christian life such as relationships and other issues from a biblical perspective.

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The Bible says, "He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD." Has God answered your prayer and sent you a wife? Were you specific in your asking? WHEN you got her, WHAT did you do with her afterwards??!!

Living a COMPLETE Godly life is no cake walk, and for some is almost down right impossible!! How can we please God as well as deal with the struggles of the flesh and OUR spirit WITHOUT shaming Him in public??!! Can people see the... more

Your mind, body, spirit, and emotions are the components that help develop "soul ties". Once you connect and exchange these things with someone, it unites you AS ONE! Take a moment to think about YOUR "ties". Are they GOOD or... more

Some relationships can do more harm than good in your life. How do you recognize when a relationship needs to end? How do you FINALLY get the courage to put an end to it?? Do you hang on for "love", "the kids",... more

Some women (WITHOUT even realizing it) are doing things that are driving the men (they love so dearly) OUT of their lives!! Is YOUR woman one of them? Let's hear what YOU have to say, then let's hear what "HE" has to say!!

Are you STILL resorting to complaining, nagging, shouting and fighting to get your mate to do the things you want him to do? Have the pouting and tears STOPPED working? There's ONE altenative you MAY NOT have tried. What have you tried... more

Have you been faced with those hurtful moments when you don't know what to do when that "special someone" disrespects you? How bad has it gotten? How often does it happen? The BIGGER question is: How have YOU responded? The hurt... more

Does his AFFECTION for you encourage him to make promises to you that hget broken time and time again? What about his PROMISE to "LOVE" you? DOES HE REALLY AND TRULY LOVE YOU IF HE DOESN'T STAND BY HIS... more

If you don't feel at ease in your relationship or within your personal life, many areas within your partnership WILL be affected. How is YOUR relationship fairing in this department? Is SHE hurting or helping you? Is SHE a hinderance OR... more

Ladies, are you LOVINGLY patient with the things your mate does? Do you lift him in prayer so he can improve INSTEAD of pulling your hair out and becoming "a nag"?