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All law is contract law. One can not be held to account for any contract to which one has not given consent. Silence can be construed as implied consent. Only belligerent claimants have rights. The individual must contest every imposition of law to which he has not consented. All contracts are subject to revision. A contract which is imposed, without the opportunity for revision, is an act of violence and subjugation; the party upon which this contract is imposed is UNDER DURESS; and must affirm so in writing upon the contract. A name signature is the mark of consent. By signing "All Rights Reserved", in place of a name, the contract is nullified and non-binding.
Only belligerent claimants have rights.
You can over write any contract and you can cross out any clause you disagree with. You can sign your name as "All Rights Reserved."
Order all your records. Claim ownership and sign possession to yourself. Get it notarized at the bank. Mail to county clerk and secretary of state.
Court room is the deck of a ship, and the judge is the captain
If you do not understand the charges against you, you can not be convicted by reason of ignorance.
Sue the judge, the prosecutor, bailiff, and the cop who arrested you.
Take the fifth, go to jail for contempt of court one month. File a lien on the court for lost wages and back wages and damages.
File a lien on the court
An all caps name is a derelict vessel
Baby born thru berth canal, cast adrift, a ward of the state. Soles of baby feet imprinted on berth certificate. Sole=Soul. 
Maritime Admiralty Law considers you as a maritime? admiralty product, simply because you were birthed out of your mother's water.