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Beggars Can't Be Choosers

  • Broadcast in Education
Abundance Child Worldwide

Abundance Child Worldwide


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Everything in nature was born to govern thyself. We do not see anything in nature other than glutenous, blood sucking parasites seeking governance outside of itself. Our birth right  is BORN out of an obligation. We have certain Natural Law Requirements that we are obliged to fulfill for NATURE and ourselves. 

Imagine a bird speaking of his inalienable right to eat worms yet has not satisfied the requirement to go and get it for itself and teach the next generation to do the same. Others have risen to the occasion to do for self and have created systems in our likeness to govern the governless.

Because of our lack of learning and irresponsibility we have entered into another's system where equality is NOT an option. In this system we are only ALL Right until we do what is considered a "crime". Then we only have the right to remain silent, we have the right to an attorney because we do not read, write, or speak law for ourself. 

The purpose of tonight's broadcast is to inform and to show how we have been begging to be servants to a system foreign to our nature. From birth to work, and taxes to death and beyond; we beg for crumbs instead of doing what we have been divinely assigned to do. Beggars cannot be choosers. 

Abundance Child will navigate you through the forms, applications, IRS codes, and adhesion contracts like the Birth Certificate, and W-4 forms, etc...that put us further in servitude and debrt rather then truly bringing us freedom commercially or otherwise.