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A Better World Radio with Mitchell J. Rabin educates, promotes & inspires listeners around being conscious stewards, being healthy & green-minded, as we build a new ethical, spiritual & sustainable business & lifestyle model.

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There is of course war in the form of military conflict but there are much subtler ones being waged these days such as economic and cyber-wars. For cyber-wars, we gently call it ?hacking? but it is war. And needs to be dealt with as... more

CBD Oil is gaining ground and market share in our society on many levels. Many say that it has been a long time in coming and glad the day has arrived. It is replacing many toxic or addictive drugs that are usually prescribed by doctors... more

Mitchell Rabin speaks this week about creative solutions to some of the world's challenges. So much of life is rife with conflict, injustice and not treating each other or planet well, the paradox, including irony, is that solutions are not really... more

The millennials, as is appropriate, are outraged at the media blackout around the real crisis of Global Warming that of course leads to the accelerated issue of Climate Change that is happening right now across the world. To discuss this... more

Connie Baxter Marlow is an author, filmmaker, photographer and futurist. Her uplifting worldview offers practical means of transcending the current paradigm through absolute trust in a conscious loving abundant Universe. She has... more

This week, Mitchell holds a Round Table on the ever-increasing popularity of CBD Oil and a group that is seeking to provide the public with information, education and guidance in this ever-burgeoning marketplace. CBD Oil continues to gain... more

One of the many horrors besieging us these days among so many is the increasing presence and reality in our lives of 5G. Oh isn't it another wonderful technological advancement that will speed things up even faster? Well yes,... more

Mitchell Rabin speaks on solutions to Global Warming. There are so many complex issues we are facing today that it has become boggling on all levels to even begin to dis-entangle them, then thread the needle with some precision... more

There are a few candidates for President who are committed to turning self-serving instead of People-serving government around. One of them 's today's guest, Marianne Williamson. Marianne is an internationally-renowned author,... more
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