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Each week we invite top opinionators to meet Around the Water Cooler to discuss the benefits of drinking more water. Turns out this is a complex topic. Home to some of the safest drinking water in the world, tap water is sometimes compromised as it flows through pipes, by home plumbing, and private wells. There are frequent debates about how much water to drink, and if other beverages are just as hydrating. Waters that add vitamins and caffeine and are high in sodium are being questioned and energy drinks condemned by concerned parents. And then there’s the question of all those bottles and, not to be forgotten, the billion-plus people (one-sixth of all of us) on this planet who think engaging in these type debates is a luxury. That’s because they lack even access to basic drinking water safe enough to drink. So join us as we offer up a wide array of experts who speak out and take your questions Around the Water Cooler.