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Paul G. Vecchiet, Author, Member ACO Association Author's Book Club has become the Poster Child so to speak for our TJ Morris ET Radio Shows - Author's Book Club By Invitation Only! - Theresa J Thurmond Morris, Host of American... more

UFO Association Organization Department of American Communications Online UAP CLUB is joined by Allied Command Internet Radio as ACIR Radio. Jan Aldrich, Theresa J. Morris, and Janet Kira Lessin will discuss the Who's Who... more

Tonight for the first time in history on the planet, TJ will disclose why she is writing a book about the world in which she lives. This includes those who want to know why she met J. Allen Hynek. TJ worked for 50 years in the INVISIBLE... more

ACE Life Coaches in the ACE Folklife Socety are looking to share the ACE Quarterly with Dr. Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.. Dr. Bruce Cornet is assisting TJ Morris ET Radio, Host Theresa J Morris with ACE Quarterly Researcher - portal stargate.... more

ACIR TJ Morris ACO -UFO ET -ACE LIFE COACH Basic Introduction by TJ Morris with Jan Aldrich - UFO Association Oral History - Invisible College, Interviews - We provide Structure and Content. Equipment, Analysis, Research,... more

ACO - ACIR RADIO CLUB - ORAL HISTORY and ARCHIVISTS> Dr. Bruce Cornet, Ph.D., Geology, Palynology, and Theresa J Morris, Knowing Cosmology, Phenomenology, Parapsychology, Archivist and Host and Historian have Ronny... more

I have begun a community online of friends who want to get serious about sharing our peer review group as archivists, artists, authors, historians, researchers, and even ACO Cosmos Radio Club

Jan Aldrich and Theresa J Morris meet on TJ Morris ET Radio to share the UFO Association. Both have prior government experience and have learned to investigate, report, and archive information. Both are in professional and hobby... more

UFO Association oral history reporters archiving past records and how they have been kept in various groups, organizations, public and private historical collections. Jan Aldrich has over 50 years of experience in government service... more
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