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The Biden administration capped off a very successful week by making Juneteenth a federal holiday: He managed to attend the G7 conference in the UK without shoving any of the other world leaders in attendance or embarrassing Americans back home. He announced that the United States would help combat COVID19 globally by contributing 500 million Pfizer vaccines to the world's poorest nations. He reassured our allies that the United States remains committed to NATO. And in Geneva, he helped erase the debacle of Helsinki by standing firm with Vladimir Putin. On top of that, the Supreme Court threw out the latest red state threat to the Affordable Care Act, which means that 30 million Americans get to keep their precious Obamacare health insurance. All in all, it's been a Big Effing Deal, and MOMocrats Karoli, Aliza Worthington, and Donna Schwartz Mills will talk about it in this week's edition of MOMochat, part of the DemCast family of podcasts.
  • by MOMocrats
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