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Conservatives have substance, but we're not always so good with style and image, and we've largely left the arts to the Left. Time for that to change! Come here to learn about the arts (special focus on movies and pop culture) from a conservative perspective!

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Continuing our weekly discussions of conservatives and the arts.

Are you really watching movies? Or are you simply telling yourself a story without seeing what's really there? We're talking about watching movies well. Come listen!

Hello all! I am out of town for a few weekends, and will return on March 7, with a review of the Watchmen movie! See you then!

Gattaca is a must-watch film, especially in this time of confusion about what it means to be human.

Today's film for discussion is Amadeus (1984). We'll be talking about excellence, mediocrity, and the proper response of the lesser towards the greater.

We're continuing to talk movies, and this time we're going to go through It's A Wonderful Life. We'll go through George Bailey's confrtonations with Potter, blow apart some common misconceptions, and start learning how to really see what's... more

A quick update and info about upcoming shows.

We'll be celebrating the literary and film icons who make doing your duty look good. My top three: Atticus Finch, George Bailey, and Tony Stark. We'll talk about the importance of having virtue modeled for us, and talk about the current glut... more

Talking about our New Year's resolutions, and a challenge to expand your thinking.